Code of Virginia

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Code of Virginia
Title 56. Public Service Companies
Chapter 10. Heat, Light, Power, Water and Other Utility Companies Generally

Article 4. Sale of Plants; Extensions; General Powers of Companies.

§ 56-254. Sale or lease of plants to cities or towns.

The board of directors of any public service corporation operating a gas, electric or water plant within the limits of any city or town, or within territory contiguous thereto, is hereby authorized to sell or lease to such city or town the entire plant of such corporation, or any part thereof, including the franchises and easements of such corporation; provided the action of the board of directors be authorized or ratified by an affirmative vote of a majority in interest of the stock issued and outstanding of such corporation, unless a larger interest is required by the charter or bylaws of such corporation.

1918, p. 463; Michie Code 1942, § 4073g.

§ 56-255. Extension of electric service to territory not being served.

If, from any rural territory not now being served, application be made to the Commission by a group of five or more persons, natural or artificial, to require an extension of electric service to such territory, the Commission shall, if necessary to accomplish the purposes sought, fix a time for hearing such application, on such terms and conditions as the Commission may prescribe, and, if it be established to the satisfaction of the Commission that a proper guaranteed revenue for a sufficient number of years will accrue to any company which may be required to construct the desired extension, and that a reasonable investment will accrue to the company constructing such extension, then the Commission is hereby authorized and empowered to require the nearest or most advantageously located electric utility company to such territory to construct such extension to such point or points in such territory and to serve such customer or customers therein, as in its judgment is right and proper.

1936, p. 1056; Michie Code 1942, § 4057(24).

§ 56-256. Powers of corporations generally; rights, powers, privileges and immunities, etc.

Every corporation organized for the purpose of: (1) constructing, maintaining, and operating an electric railway, or works, (2) supplying and distributing electricity for light, heat, or power, (3) producing, distributing, and selling steam, heat, or power, or compressed air, (4) producing, distributing and selling gas made of coal or other materials, (5) furnishing and distributing a water supply to any city or town, or (6) piping cold air outside of its plant, or (7) constructing and maintaining any public viaduct, bridge or conduit, shall, in addition to the powers conferred upon corporations generally, have all the rights, powers, privileges, and immunities, and be subject to all the rules, regulations, restrictions, pains, and penalties prescribed by §§ 56-458, 56-459 to 56-462, 56-466, 56-467 and 56-484, which sections shall apply to, and as far as practicable, operate upon the corporations mentioned in this section, unless otherwise provided.

Code 1919, §§ 4058, 4061.

§ 56-256.1. Height of electric power distribution lines over agricultural land.

Unless placement at a greater height is required pursuant to § 56-466 or other applicable law, any electric distribution line that is installed, either as a new line or as a replacement for an existing line, on or after July 1, 2018, by or for an electric utility upon or over land upon which agricultural operations, as defined in § 3.2-300, are conducted shall be placed at a height that is not less than the minimum height requirement that applies to the placement of electric distribution lines above road crossings.

2018, c. 354.