Code of Virginia

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Chapter 10.
Heat, Light, Power, Water and Other Utility Companies Generally
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  • Article 1.
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  • § 56-232
    Public utility and schedules defined
    § 56-232.1
    Regulation of service by certain gas pipeline companies to municipalities
    § 56-232.2
    Regulation of compressed natural gas service
    § 56-232.2:1
    Regulation of electric vehicle charging service
    § 56-232.3
    Regulation of service by certain gas distribution companies to federal, state and local governmental facilities
    § 56-233
    Service defined
  • Article 2.
    Services, Rates, Charges, Etc.
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  • § 56-234
    Duty to furnish adequate service at reasonable and uniform rates
    § 56-234.1
    Liability to customer for violation of duty to determine and charge lowest rate applicable
    § 56-234.2
    Review of rates
    § 56-234.3
    Approval of expenditures for and monitoring of new generation facilities and projected operation programs of electric utilities
    § 56-234.4
    Authority to investigate utility operations to determine efficiency
    § 56-234.5
    Required disclosure by certain officers and directors of certain utilities
    § 56-235
    When Commission may fix rates, schedules, etc.; conformance with chapter
    § 56-235.1
    Conservation of energy and capital resources
    § 56-235.1:1
    Rates for stand-by electric service at renewable cogeneration facilities
    § 56-235.1:2
    Costs of using small, women-owned, or minority-owned businesses
    § 56-235.2
    All rates, tolls, etc., to be just and reasonable to jurisdictional customers; findings and conclusions to be set forth; alternative forms of regulation for electric companies
    § 56-235.3
    Procedures for investigation of rate applications
    § 56-235.4
    Prohibition of multiple rate increases within any twelve-month period; exception
    § 56-235.5
    Telephone regulatory alternatives
    § 56-235.5:1
    Local exchange telephone service competition policy
    § 56-235.6
    Optional performance-based regulation of certain utilities
    § 56-235.7
    Jurisdiction of Commission when federal governmental facility ceases to be retail customer of electric utility
    § 56-235.8
    Retail supply choice for natural gas customers
    § 56-235.9
    Recovery of funds used for capital projects prior to a rate case for strategic natural gas facilities
    § 56-235.10
    Recovery of eligible safety activity costs; administration; procedure
    § 56-235.11
    Retail rates of affiliated water utilities
    § 56-235.12
    Economic development programs
    § 56-236
    Public utilities required to file schedules of rates and charges; rules and regulations; when detariffing of telephone services to be permitted
    § 56-236.1
    Rates to be charged churches
    § 56-236.2
    Suspension of service to sewerage system
    § 56-237
    How changes in rates effected; notice required; changes to be indicated on schedules
    § 56-237.1
    Notification of intent to seek rate change in schedules required to be filed under § 56-236
    § 56-237.2
    Public hearings on protests or objections to rate changes
    § 56-238
    Suspension of proposed rates, etc.; investigation; effectiveness of rates pending investigation and subject to bond; fixing reasonable rates, etc.
    § 56-239
    Appeal from action of Commission
    § 56-240
    Proposed rates, etc., or changes thereof, not suspended effective subject to later change by Commission; refund or credit; appeal; investor-owned public utilities required to show increase complies with § 56-235.2
    § 56-241
    Rates of telephone companies
    § 56-241.1
    Flat and measured telephone rates; certain rates prohibited
    § 56-241.2
    Approval of rates for resale of telephone service
    § 56-242
    Temporary reduction of rates
    § 56-243
    Duration of such temporary reduction
    § 56-244
    Increase to make up for losses due to excessive temporary reduction
    § 56-245
    Temporary increase in rates
    § 56-245.1
    Meters to be kept in good working condition; defective meters
    § 56-245.1:1
    Customers to be notified about nuclear emergency evacuation plans
    § 56-245.1:2
    Customers to be notified of renewable power options
    § 56-245.1:3
    Disconnection suspension for utilities
    § 56-245.1:4
    Notice procedures for nonpayment; disconnecting utility service
  • Article 2.1.
    Regulation of Submetering and Energy Allocation Equipment
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  • § 56-245.2
    § 56-245.3
    Commission to promulgate regulations and standards
  • Article 3.
    Powers of Commission in Relation to Service
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  • § 56-246
    Tests and equipment therefor
    § 56-247
    Commission may change regulations, measurements, practices, services, or acts
    § 56-247.1
    Commission to require public utilities to follow certain procedures
    § 56-248
    Commission to prescribe standard units of products or service
    § 56-248.1
    Commission to monitor fuel prices and utility fuel purchases; fuel price index
    § 56-249
    Reports by utilities
    § 56-249.1
    Commission may require transfer of gas, water or electricity by one utility to another; compensation
    § 56-249.2
    Certain records to be maintained
    § 56-249.3
    Certain electric utilities to file reports in relation to fuel transactions, fuel purchases, fuel adjustment clauses, etc.
    § 56-249.4
    How reports shall be filed; reports open to public; rules and regulations
    § 56-249.5
    § 56-249.6
    Recovery of fuel and purchased power costs
    § 56-249.6:1
    Financing for certain deferred fuel costs; Phase I Utilities.
    § 56-249.6:2
    Financing for certain deferred fuel costs; Phase II Utilities
    § 56-249.7
    Certain directors and officers of utility to file shareholder information
    § 56-250
    Commission may authorize action by public utility in time of emergency or shortage; plans
    § 56-251
    § 56-253
    Existing remedies retained
  • Article 4.
    Sale of Plants; Extensions; General Powers of Companies
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  • § 56-254
    Sale or lease of plants to cities or towns
    § 56-255
    Extension of electric service to territory not being served
    § 56-256
    Powers of corporations generally; rights, powers, privileges and immunities, etc.
    § 56-256.1
    Height of electric power distribution lines over agricultural land
  • Article 5.
    Pipelines and Other Works
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  • § 56-257
    Manner of installing underground utility lines
    § 56-257.1
    Means of locating nonmetallic underground conduits
    § 56-257.2
    Gas pipeline safety
    § 56-257.2:1
    Projects presenting material risk to public safety; licensed professional engineers; regulations
    § 56-257.3
    § 56-257.4
    Report by the State Corporation Commission on investigation of natural gas utilities incident
    § 56-257.5
    Manner of installing underground utility lines through agricultural operation
    § 56-258
    Who to permit laying of pipelines in roads
    § 56-259
    Rights-of-way, etc., may be contracted for; location of easements of public service corporations
    § 56-259.1
    Instruments conveying easements to public service corporations
    § 56-260
    Compensation for damages
    § 56-260.1
    Contract provisions exempting company from liability unlawful
  • Article 6.
    Water and Sewerage Companies
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  • § 56-261
    Duties of companies furnishing water or sewerage facilities
    § 56-261.1
    Duties of water and sewerage companies in certain counties
    § 56-261.2
    Hydrant connections and water supply for fire protection in certain counties
    § 56-262
    Proceeding upon failure of public service corporation to perform duties
    § 56-263
    Commission may order increase in service
    § 56-264
    Quo warranto in case of failure to comply with order of Commission
    § 56-264.1
    Collection of rates, fees and charges
    § 56-264.2
    Governing board of multistate entities operating certain sewage treatment facilities; arbitration of issues; condemnation of facilities
    § 56-264.3
    Cost allocation and rate design
    § 56-265
    Certain sections not to limit Commission's powers