Code of Virginia

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Code of Virginia
Title 13.1. Corporations
Chapter 12. Virginia Limited Liability Company Act

§ 13.1-1093. Additional limitations on operating agreement.

A. An operating agreement shall not vary the effect of:

1. This section;

2. Section 13.1-1089;

3. Subsection A of § 13.1-1090;

4. Subsection B of § 13.1-1090 to provide a protected series a power in addition to the powers provided to a limited liability company under the other articles of this chapter;

5. The limitations stated in subsection C or D of § 13.1-1090;

6. Section 13.1-1091;

7. Section 13.1-1092;

8. Section 13.1-1094;

9. Section 13.1-1095, except to vary the manner in which a limited liability company approves establishing a protected series;

10. Section 13.1-1096;

11. Section 13.1-1099.2;

12. Section 13.1-1099.3;

13. Subsection A or B of § 13.1-1099.4;

14. Subsection C, F, or G of § 13.1-1099.5;

15. Section 13.1-1099.7, except to decrease or eliminate a limitation of liability stated in § 13.1-1099.7;

16. Section 13.1-1099.8;

17. Section 13.1-1099.9;

18. Section 13.1-1099.10;

19. Subdivisions 1, 4, and 5 of § 13.1-1099.11;

20. Section 13.1-1099.12, except to designate a different person to manage winding up;

21. Section 13.1-1099.13;

22. Sections 13.1-1099.14 through 13.1-1099.20;

23. Sections 13.1-1099.21, 13.1-1099.22, and 13.1-1099.23;

24. Sections 13.1-1099.25 and 13.1-1099.26; or

25. A provision of this article pertaining to:

a. A registered office or registered agent; or

b. The Commission, including provisions pertaining to records authorized or required to be delivered to the Commission for filing under this article or chapter.

B. An operating agreement shall not unreasonably restrict the duties and rights under § 13.1-1099.6 but may impose reasonable restrictions on the availability and use of information obtained under § 13.1-1099.6 and may provide appropriate remedies, including liquidated damages, for a breach of any reasonable restriction on use.

2019, c. 636.

The chapters of the acts of assembly referenced in the historical citation at the end of this section may not constitute a comprehensive list of such chapters and may exclude chapters whose provisions have expired.