Code of Virginia

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Chapter 21.
Franchises; Sale and Lease of Certain Municipal Public Property; Public Utilities
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  • Article 1.
    Franchises; Sale and Lease of Certain Public Property
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  • § 15.2-2100
    Restrictions on selling certain municipal public property and granting franchises
    § 15.2-2101
    Ordinance proposing grant of franchise, etc., to be advertised
    § 15.2-2102
    How bids received and to whom franchise awarded
    § 15.2-2103
    Award when no satisfactory bid received
    § 15.2-2103.1
    Solar services agreements; nondisclosure of proprietary information
    § 15.2-2104
    Bond of person awarded franchise, etc.
    § 15.2-2105
    How amendments made to franchise, etc.; notice required
    § 15.2-2105.1
    Granting franchises for operation of a vehicular ferry transportation system
    § 15.2-2106
    Powers of court to enforce obedience by mandamus, etc.
    § 15.2-2107
    Persons occupying or using streets, etc., contrary to law
    § 15.2-2108
    § 15.2-2108.1
    Regulation of open video systems
    § 15.2-2108.1:1
    Franchise fees and public rights-of-way fees on cable operators
  • Article 2.
    General Provisions for Public Utilities
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  • § 15.2-2109
    Powers of localities as to public utilities and computer services; prevention of pollution of certain water
    § 15.2-2109.1
    Prescriptive easements for provision of water and sewer services
    § 15.2-2109.2
    Mutual aid agreements for power and natural gas
    § 15.2-2109.3
    Provision of natural gas distribution service within counties
    § 15.2-2110
    Mandatory connection to water and sewage systems in certain counties
    § 15.2-2111
    Regulation of sewage disposal or water service
    § 15.2-2112
    Agreements by political subdivisions for sewage or water service
    § 15.2-2113
    Connections of fire suppression systems
    § 15.2-2114
    Regulation of stormwater
    § 15.2-2114.1
    Car-washing fundraiser
    § 15.2-2114.01
    Local Stormwater Management Fund; grant moneys
    § 15.2-2115
    Purchase of gas, electric and water plants operating in contiguous territory
    § 15.2-2116
    Acquisition by county or city of water supply system or sewage system from sanitary district
    § 15.2-2117
    Contracts with sewerage or water purification company, etc.
    § 15.2-2118
    Lien for water and sewer charges and taxes imposed by localities
    § 15.2-2118.1
    Lien for gas utilities charges and taxes imposed by localities
    § 15.2-2119
    Fees and charges for water and sewer services provided to a property owner
    § 15.2-2119.1
    Credit for excessive water and sewer charges
    § 15.2-2119.2
    Discounted fees and charges for certain low-income, elderly, or disabled customers
    § 15.2-2119.3
    Sustainable infrastructure financial assistance
    § 15.2-2119.4
    Fees and charges for water and sewer services provided to a tenant or lessee of the property owner
    § 15.2-2120
    Enforcement of liens for water or sewer charges
    § 15.2-2121
    Regulations as to water, sewer and other facilities in subdivisions and development plans
  • Article 3.
    Sewage Disposal Systems Generally
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  • § 15.2-2122
    Localities authorized to establish, etc., sewage disposal system; incidental powers
    § 15.2-2123
    Sewage treatment plants to include certain capability
    § 15.2-2124
    Contracts between localities as to sewers, pumping stations, etc., to prevent pollution
    § 15.2-2125
    Board, etc., for supervision of such works
  • Article 4.
    Approval of Sewage Systems by Counties
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  • § 15.2-2126
    Notice to governing body required prior to construction
    § 15.2-2127
    Disapproval of system by governing body; failure to disapprove within seventy days
    § 15.2-2128
    Denial of application for sewage system by governing body of county or town which has adopted master plan for sewerage
    § 15.2-2129
    Contents of notice to governing body; further information
    § 15.2-2130
    Extensions to systems
    § 15.2-2131
    Article not applicable to hotel corporations
    § 15.2-2132
    Noncompliance with article; separate offense
    § 15.2-2133
    Penalty; enjoining violation
  • Article 5.
    Water Supply Systems Generally
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  • § 15.2-2134
    Construction of dams, etc., for purpose of providing public water supply; approval by governing body of locality
    § 15.2-2135
    Disputes between jurisdictions involving dams or water impoundment; constitution of special court; vacancies occurring during trial
    § 15.2-2136
    Powers of special court; rules of decision; order controlling subsequent conduct of case
    § 15.2-2137
    Special court; hearing and decision
    § 15.2-2138
    Dispute between jurisdictions; additional parties
    § 15.2-2139
    Special court; costs
    § 15.2-2140
    Dispute between jurisdictions; appeals
    § 15.2-2141
    Conflicting petitions for same territory; petition seeking territory in two or more counties
    § 15.2-2142
    Certain localities may construct dams across navigable streams; permission from Chief of Engineers, Secretary of Army and State Attorney General; approval of governing body
    § 15.2-2143
    Water supplies and facilities
    § 15.2-2144
    Inspection of water supplies
    § 15.2-2145
    Sale of water and use of streets by one city in another
    § 15.2-2146
    Powers of localities to acquire certain waterworks system
    § 15.2-2147
    City acquiring plant within one mile of another city
    § 15.2-2148
    Contracts for water supply
  • Article 6.
    Approval of Water Supply Systems by Counties
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  • § 15.2-2149
    Notice to county and State Board of Health required prior to construction
    § 15.2-2150
    When approval of State Board of Health not required
    § 15.2-2151
    Disapproval of system by governing body of counties; failure to disapprove within seventy days
    § 15.2-2152
    Contents of notice to governing body; further information
    § 15.2-2153
    Extensions to systems
    § 15.2-2154
    Article not applicable to hotel corporations
    § 15.2-2155
    Noncompliance with article; separate offenses
    § 15.2-2156
    Penalty; enjoining violation
  • Article 7.
    Miscellaneous Services, Etc., in Certain Localities
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  • § 15.2-2157
    Onsite sewage systems when sewers not available; civil penalties
    § 15.2-2157.1
    Permit for onsite sewage disposal system installation in certain counties
    § 15.2-2158
    Fee for street lighting
    § 15.2-2159
    Fee for solid waste disposal by counties
    § 15.2-2160
    Provision of telecommunications services