Code of Virginia

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Chapter 22.
Planning, Subdivision of Land and Zoning
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  • Article 1.
    General Provisions
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  • § 15.2-2200
    Declaration of legislative intent
    § 15.2-2201
    § 15.2-2202
    Duties of state agencies; electric utilities
    § 15.2-2203
    Existing planning commissions and boards of zoning appeals; validation of plans previously adopted
    § 15.2-2204
    Advertisement of plans, ordinances, etc.; joint public hearings; written notice of certain amendments
    § 15.2-2205
    Additional notice of planning or zoning matters
    § 15.2-2206
    When locality may require applicant to give notice; how given
    § 15.2-2207
    Public notice of juvenile residential care facilities in certain localities
    § 15.2-2208
    Restraining violations of chapter
    § 15.2-2208.1
    Damages for unconstitutional grant or denial by locality of certain permits and approvals
    § 15.2-2208.2
    Damages for an enforcement action undertaken by a locality with willful disregard for applicable law
    § 15.2-2209
    Civil penalties for violations of zoning ordinance
    § 15.2-2209.1
    Extension of approvals to address housing crisis
    § 15.2-2209.1:1
    Extension of approvals to address the COVID-19 pandemic
    § 15.2-2209.1:2
    Extension of land use approvals for solar photovoltaic projects
    § 15.2-2209.2
    Public infrastructure maintenance bonds
    § 15.2-2209.3
    Residential land development and construction fee transparency; annual report
  • Article 2.
    Local Planning Commissions
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  • § 15.2-2210
    Creation of local planning commissions; participation in planning district commissions or joint local commissions
    § 15.2-2211
    Cooperation of local planning commissions and other agencies
    § 15.2-2212
    Qualifications, appointment, removal, terms and compensation of members of local planning commissions
    § 15.2-2213
    Advisory members
    § 15.2-2214
    § 15.2-2215
    Quorum majority vote
    § 15.2-2216
    Facilities for holding of meetings and preservation of documents; appropriations for expenses
    § 15.2-2217
    Officers, employees and consultants; expenditures; rules and records; special surveys
    § 15.2-2218
    County planning commission serving as commission of town
    § 15.2-2219
    Joint local planning commissions
    § 15.2-2220
    Duplicate planning commission authorized for certain local governments
    § 15.2-2221
    Duties of commissions
    § 15.2-2222
    Expenditures; gifts and donations
    § 15.2-2222.1
    Coordination of state and local transportation planning
  • Article 3.
    The Comprehensive Plan
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  • § 15.2-2223
    Comprehensive plan to be prepared and adopted; scope and purpose
    § 15.2-2223.1
    Comprehensive plan to include urban development areas
    § 15.2-2223.2
    Comprehensive plan to include coastal resource management guidance
    § 15.2-2223.3
    Comprehensive plan shall incorporate strategies to combat projected sea-level rise and recurrent flooding
    § 15.2-2223.4
    Comprehensive plan shall provide for transit-oriented development
    § 15.2-2223.5
    Comprehensive plan shall address manufactured housing
    § 15.2-2224
    Surveys and studies to be made in preparation of plan; implementation of plan
    § 15.2-2225
    Notice and hearing on plan; recommendation by local planning commission to governing body; posting of plan on website
    § 15.2-2226
    Adoption or disapproval of plan by governing body
    § 15.2-2227
    Return of plan to local planning commission; resubmission
    § 15.2-2228
    Adoption of parts of plan
    § 15.2-2229
    § 15.2-2230
    Plan to be reviewed at least once every five years
    § 15.2-2230.1
    Public facilities study
    § 15.2-2231
    Inclusion of incorporated towns in county plan; inclusion of adjacent unincorporated territory in municipal plan
    § 15.2-2232
    Legal status of plan
  • Article 4.
    The Official Map
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  • § 15.2-2233
    Maps to be prepared in localities; what map shall show
    § 15.2-2234
    Adoption; filing in office of clerk of court
    § 15.2-2235
    Additions and modifications
    § 15.2-2236
    Periodic review and readoption
    § 15.2-2237
    Consultation with Commonwealth Transportation Board; copies of map and ordinance to be sent to Commonwealth Transportation Board
    § 15.2-2238
    Authority of counties under Article 2 (§ 33.2-705 et seq.) of Chapter 7 not affected
  • Article 5.
    Capital Improvement Programs
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  • § 15.2-2239
    Local planning commissions to prepare and submit annually capital improvement programs to governing body or official charged with preparation of budget
  • Article 6.
    Land Subdivision and Development
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  • § 15.2-2240
    Localities to adopt ordinances regulating subdivision and development of land
    § 15.2-2241
    Mandatory provisions of a subdivision ordinance
    § 15.2-2241.1
    Bonding requirements for the acceptance of dedication for public use of certain facilities
    § 15.2-2241.2
    Bonding provisions for decommissioning of solar energy equipment, facilities, or devices
    § 15.2-2242
    Optional provisions of a subdivision ordinance
    § 15.2-2243
    Payment by subdivider of the pro rata share of the cost of certain facilities
    § 15.2-2243.1
    Payment by developer or subdivider
    § 15.2-2244
    Provisions for subdivision of a lot for conveyance to a family member
    § 15.2-2244.1
    Additional method for subdivision of a lot for conveyance to a family member
    § 15.2-2244.2
    Subdivision of a lot of property held in trust for a family member
    § 15.2-2245
    Provisions for periodic partial and final release of certain performance guarantees
    § 15.2-2245.1
    Stormwater management ponds; removal of trees
    § 15.2-2246
    Site plans submitted in accordance with zoning ordinance
    § 15.2-2247
    Applicability of subdivision ordinance to manufactured homes
    § 15.2-2248
    Application of certain municipal subdivision regulations beyond corporate limits of municipality
    § 15.2-2249
    Application of county subdivision regulations in area subject to municipal jurisdiction
    § 15.2-2250
    Disagreement between county and municipality as to regulations
    § 15.2-2251
    Local planning commission shall prepare and recommend ordinance; notice and hearing on ordinance
    § 15.2-2252
    Filing and recording of ordinance and amendments thereto
    § 15.2-2253
    Preparation and adoption of amendments to ordinance
    § 15.2-2254
    Statutory provisions effective after ordinance adopted
    § 15.2-2255
    Administration and enforcement of regulations
    § 15.2-2256
    Procedure to account for fees for common improvements
    § 15.2-2257
    Procedure to modify certain covenants in Shenandoah County
    § 15.2-2258
    Plat of proposed subdivision and site plans to be submitted for approval
    § 15.2-2259
    Local planning commission to act on proposed plat
    § 15.2-2260
    Localities may provide for submission of preliminary subdivision plats; how long valid
    § 15.2-2261
    Recorded plats or final site plans to be valid for not less than five years
    § 15.2-2261.1
    Recorded plat or final site plans; conflicting zoning conditions
    § 15.2-2262
    Requisites of plat
    § 15.2-2263
    Expedited land development review procedure
    § 15.2-2264
    Statement of consent to subdivision; execution; acknowledgment and recordation; notice to commissioner of the revenue or board of real estate assessors
    § 15.2-2265
    Recordation of approved plat as transfer of streets, termination of easements and rights-of-way, etc.
    § 15.2-2266
    Validation of certain plats recorded before January 1, 1975
    § 15.2-2267
    Petition to restrict access to certain public streets
    § 15.2-2268
    Localities not obligated to pay for grading, paving, etc.
    § 15.2-2269
    Plans and specifications for utility fixtures and systems to be submitted for approval
    § 15.2-2270
    Vacation of interests granted to a locality as a condition of site plan approval
    § 15.2-2271
    Vacation of plat before sale of lot therein; ordinance of vacation
    § 15.2-2272
    Vacation of plat after sale of lot
    § 15.2-2273
    Fee for processing application under § 15.2-2271 or § 15.2-2272
    § 15.2-2274
    Effect of vacation under § 15.2-2272
    § 15.2-2275
    Relocation or vacation of boundary lines
    § 15.2-2276
    Duty of clerk when plat vacated
    § 15.2-2277
    Franklin County may require that notice be given to deed grantees of certain disclaimers regarding responsibility for roads; county eligible to have certain streets taken into secondary system
    § 15.2-2278
    Vacating plat of subdivision
    § 15.2-2279
    Ordinances regulating the building of houses and establishing setback lines
  • Article 7.
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  • § 15.2-2280
    Zoning ordinances generally
    § 15.2-2281
    Jurisdiction of localities
    § 15.2-2282
    Regulations to be uniform
    § 15.2-2283
    Purpose of zoning ordinances
    § 15.2-2283.1
    Prohibition of sexual offender treatment office in residentially zoned subdivision
    § 15.2-2284
    Matters to be considered in drawing and applying zoning ordinances and districts
    § 15.2-2285
    Preparation and adoption of zoning ordinance and map and amendments thereto; appeal
    § 15.2-2286
    Permitted provisions in zoning ordinances; amendments; applicant to pay delinquent taxes; penalties
    § 15.2-2286.1
    Provisions for clustering of single-family dwellings so as to preserve open space
    § 15.2-2287
    Localities may require oath regarding property interest of local officials
    § 15.2-2287.1
    Disclosures in land use proceedings
    § 15.2-2288
    Localities may not require a special use permit for certain agricultural activities
    § 15.2-2288.01
    Localities shall not require a special use permit for certain small-scale conversion of biomass to alternative fuel
    § 15.2-2288.1
    Localities may not require a special use permit for certain residential uses
    § 15.2-2288.2
    Localities may not require special use permit for certain temporary structures
    § 15.2-2288.3
    Licensed farm wineries; local regulation of certain activities
    § 15.2-2288.3:1
    Limited brewery license; local regulation of certain activities
    § 15.2-2288.3:2
    Limited distiller's license; local regulation of certain activities
    § 15.2-2288.4
    Extension of expiration dates for special use permits
    § 15.2-2288.5
    Meaning of "cemetery" for purposes of zoning
    § 15.2-2288.6
    Agricultural operations; local regulation of certain activities
    § 15.2-2288.7
    Local regulation of solar facilities
    § 15.2-2288.8
    Special exceptions for solar photovoltaic projects
    § 15.2-2289
    Localities may provide by ordinance for disclosure of real parties in interest
    § 15.2-2290
    Uniform regulations for manufactured housing
    § 15.2-2291
    Assisted living facilities and group homes of eight or fewer; single-family residence
    § 15.2-2292
    Zoning provisions for family day homes
    § 15.2-2292.1
    Zoning provisions for temporary family health care structures
    § 15.2-2293
    Airspace subject to zoning ordinances
    § 15.2-2293.1
    Placement of amateur radio antennas
    § 15.2-2293.2
    Regulation of helicopter use
    § 15.2-2294
    Airport safety zoning
    § 15.2-2295
    Aircraft noise attenuation features in buildings and structures within airport noise zones
    § 15.2-2295.1
    Regulation of mountain ridge construction
    § 15.2-2295.2
    Dam break inundation zones
    § 15.2-2296
    Conditional zoning; declaration of legislative policy and findings; purpose
    § 15.2-2297
    Same; conditions as part of a rezoning or amendment to zoning map
    § 15.2-2298
    Same; additional conditions as a part of rezoning or zoning map amendment in certain high-growth localities
    § 15.2-2299
    Same; enforcement and guarantees
    § 15.2-2300
    Same; records
    § 15.2-2301
    Same; petition for review of decision
    § 15.2-2302
    Same; amendments and variations of conditions
    § 15.2-2303
    Conditional zoning in certain localities
    § 15.2-2303.1
    Development agreements in certain counties
    § 15.2-2303.1:1
    When certain cash proffers collected or accepted
    § 15.2-2303.2
    Proffered cash payments and expenditures
    § 15.2-2303.3
    Cash proffers requested or accepted by a locality
    § 15.2-2303.4
    Provisions applicable to certain conditional rezoning proffers
    § 15.2-2304
    Affordable dwelling unit ordinances in certain localities
    § 15.2-2305
    Affordable dwelling unit ordinances
    § 15.2-2305.1
    Affordable housing dwelling unit ordinances
    § 15.2-2306
    Preservation of historical sites and architectural areas
    § 15.2-2306.1
    Creation of working waterfront development areas
    § 15.2-2307
    Vested rights not impaired; nonconforming uses
    § 15.2-2307.1
    Protection of established commercial fishing operations
    § 15.2-2308
    Boards of zoning appeals to be created; membership, organization, etc.
    § 15.2-2308.1
    Boards of zoning appeals, ex parte communications, proceedings
    § 15.2-2309
    Powers and duties of boards of zoning appeals
    § 15.2-2310
    Applications for special exceptions and variances
    § 15.2-2311
    Appeals to board
    § 15.2-2312
    Procedure on appeal
    § 15.2-2313
    Proceedings to prevent construction of building in violation of zoning ordinance
    § 15.2-2314
    Certiorari to review decision of board
    § 15.2-2315
    Conflict with statutes, local ordinances or regulations
    § 15.2-2316
    Validation of zoning ordinances prior to 1971