Code of Virginia

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Chapter 2.
Clerks, Clerks' Offices and Records
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  • Article 3.
    Records, Recordation and Indexing Generally
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  • § 17.1-223
    Duty of clerk to record writings, etc., and make index
    § 17.1-224
    Copy of illegible instrument used for making permanent record
    § 17.1-225
    Remote access to nonconfidential court records
    § 17.1-226
    Remote access to certain agencies from clerk of court
    § 17.1-227
    Documents to be recorded in deed books; social security numbers
    § 17.1-227.1
    Use of cover sheets on deeds or other instruments by circuit court clerks
    § 17.1-228
    Recording releases of deeds of trust, partial releases of deeds of trust, court ordered releases, or other liens or assignments in cities and counties using microfilm
    § 17.1-229
    Additional documents to be recorded in deed book
    § 17.1-230
    Documents to be recorded in bond book
    § 17.1-231
    Documents to be recorded in will book
    § 17.1-232
    What to be recorded in judgment docket
    § 17.1-233
    What to be recorded in marriage register
    § 17.1-234
    Documents to be recorded in "writings partially proved."
    § 17.1-235
    Recordation of federal farm loan mortgages
    § 17.1-236
    Recordation of plats and maps
    § 17.1-237
    Validation of recordations in certain plat books
    § 17.1-238
    State highway plat book
    § 17.1-239
    Character of books used for recording; standards for microfilm, etc.
    § 17.1-240
    Recording by microphotographic or electronic process
    § 17.1-241
    Clerks to procure books for record
    § 17.1-242
    Custody of books, records, etc.
    § 17.1-243
    Clerks to have land books bound
    § 17.1-244
    Books, etc., in clerks' offices rebound, transcribed, microfilmed or digitally reproduced; credit given to transcripts, etc.
    § 17.1-245
    Books may be taken from clerk's office to be rebound, etc.
    § 17.1-246
    How costs thereof certified and paid
    § 17.1-247
    § 17.1-248
    Clerk to make index to each of his books
    § 17.1-249
    General indexes for clerks' offices; daily index
    § 17.1-250
    Correction of indexes
    § 17.1-251
    Indexing of certain subdivision plats or maps
    § 17.1-252
    Indexing by tax map reference number
    § 17.1-253
    Committee to inquire into necessity of general index; report; plan adopted; locality to cover cost
    § 17.1-254
    Validation of judgment records in office of clerk of Circuit Court of Norfolk
  • Article 5.
    Master and Incorporating Deeds of Trust
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  • § 17.1-259
    Recordation of master deed of trust; form and requisites
    § 17.1-260
    Recordation, effect and requisites of incorporating deed
  • Article 6.
    Names, Discharges, Etc., of War Service Men
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  • § 17.1-261
    Recordation of names of men who served during World War I
    § 17.1-262
    Recordation of discharges of those who served in World War I
    § 17.1-263
    World War I Memorial Record
    § 17.1-264
    Recording information on discharges of World War II servicemen
    § 17.1-265
    Recordation of evidence of discharge generally; confidentiality
  • Article 8.
    Secure Remote Access
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  • § 17.1-292
    Applicability; definitions
    § 17.1-293
    Posting and availability of certain information on the Internet; prohibitions
    § 17.1-293.1
    (For contingent expiration date, see Acts 2021, Sp. Sess. I, cc. 524, 542) Online case information system. Exceptions should be removed
    § 17.1-293.1
    (For contingent effective date, see Acts 2021, Sp. Sess. I, cc. 524, 542) Online case information system; exceptions
    § 17.1-294
    Secure remote access to land records
    § 17.1-295