Code of Virginia

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Chapter 33.
State Holidays and Other Special Days
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§ 2.2-3300
Legal holidays
§ 2.2-3301
Acts, business transactions, legal proceedings, etc., on holidays valid
§ 2.2-3302
Observance of Yorktown Day
§ 2.2-3303
Observance of Motherhood and Apple Pie Day in recognition of the need to prevent infant mortality
§ 2.2-3304
Display of flags on Mother's Day
§ 2.2-3304.1
Little League Challenger Week in Virginia
§ 2.2-3305
Commonwealth Day of Prayer
§ 2.2-3306
Arbor Day
§ 2.2-3307
Dogwood Day
§ 2.2-3308
First Lady's Day in Virginia
§ 2.2-3309
Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day
§ 2.2-3309.1
Virginia World War II Veterans Appreciation Week; Virginia Korean War Veterans Appreciation Week; honorary diplomas to be awarded under certain circumstances during such weeks
§ 2.2-3310
Vietnam War Memorial Dedication and Veterans' Recognition Week
§ 2.2-3310.1
Display of the POW/MIA flag
§ 2.2-3310.2
Vietnamese-American Heritage Flag
§ 2.2-3310.3
Vietnam Human Rights Day
§ 2.2-3311
Day of recognition for early childhood and day-care providers and professionals
§ 2.2-3311.1
Day of recognition for direct care staffs and other long-term care professionals
§ 2.2-3312
Day of recognition for bone marrow donor programs
§ 2.2-3313
Virginia Drug Free Day
§ 2.2-3314
Bill of Rights Day
§ 2.2-3315
Citizenship Day and Constitution Week
§ 2.2-3315.1
White Cane Safety Day
§ 2.2-3316
Landscape Architecture Week in Virginia
§ 2.2-3317
Virginia Championship Applebutter Making Contest
§ 2.2-3318
Virginia and American History Month
§ 2.2-3319
American Indian Month and Day of Appreciation
§ 2.2-3320
Month for Children in Virginia
§ 2.2-3321
Virginia Mushroom Festival
§ 2.2-3322
Office hours to be in accordance with executive orders of Governor