Code of Virginia

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Chapter 3.
Election Districts, Precincts, and Polling Places
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  • Article 2.1.
    Reapportionment of Local Election Districts
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  • § 24.2-304.1
    At-large and district elections; reapportionment and redistricting of districts or wards; limits
    § 24.2-304.2
    Governing body authorized to expend funds for reapportionment
    § 24.2-304.3
    Recording reapportionment ordinance; notice requirements
    § 24.2-304.4
    Mandamus action for failure to reapportion districts or wards
    § 24.2-304.5
    Notification of certain civil actions
    § 24.2-304.6
    Effect of reapportionment on appointments and terms of local officers, school board and planning commission members
  • Article 3.
    Requirements for Election Districts, Precincts, and Polling Places
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  • § 24.2-305
    Composition of election districts and precincts
    § 24.2-306
    Changes not to be enacted within 60 days of general election; notice requirements
    § 24.2-307
    Requirements for county and city precincts
    § 24.2-308
    Requirements for town precincts
    § 24.2-309
    Establishment of precinct with less than minimum number of voters; conduct of elections where all voters do not have same choice of candidates
    § 24.2-309.1
    § 24.2-309.2
    Election precincts; prohibiting precinct changes for specified period of time
    § 24.2-310
    Requirements for polling places
    § 24.2-310.1
    Polling places; additional requirement
  • Article 4.
    Effective Dates of Redistricting Measures
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  • § 24.2-311
    Effective date of decennial redistricting measures; elections following decennial redistricting
    § 24.2-312
    Effective date of other redistricting measures; elections following annexation
    § 24.2-313
    Rescheduling of certain local elections following the decennial redistricting of districts for the governing body