Code of Virginia

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Chapter 4.
Voter Registration
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  • Article 2.
    Virginia Voter Registration System
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  • § 24.2-404
    Duties of Department of Elections
    § 24.2-404.1
    Commissioner of Elections to serve as state coordinator for the administration of the National Voter Registration Act
    § 24.2-404.2
    § 24.2-404.3
    Duty of Department of Elections; verification of registered voter lists
    § 24.2-404.4
    Exchange of registered voter lists with other states
    § 24.2-405
    Lists of registered voters
    § 24.2-406
    Lists of persons voting at elections
    § 24.2-407
    Statement for persons receiving lists of persons registered or voting; penalties
    § 24.2-407.1
    Prohibition on disclosure of social security numbers or parts thereof
    § 24.2-408
    State Registrar of Vital Records to transmit weekly lists of decedents to Department of Elections
    § 24.2-409
    Central Criminal Records Exchange to transmit lists of felony convictions to Department of Elections
    § 24.2-409.1
    Department of Elections to transmit information pertaining to persons convicted of a felony in federal court
    § 24.2-410
    Clerks of circuit courts to furnish lists of certain adjudications
    § 24.2-410.1
    Citizenship status; Department of Motor Vehicles to furnish lists of noncitizens
    § 24.2-410.2
    Security of the Virginia voter registration system
  • Article 3.1.
    Mail Registration
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  • § 24.2-416.1
    Voter registration by mail
    § 24.2-416.2
    Mail voter registration application forms
    § 24.2-416.3
    Distribution of mail voter registration application forms
    § 24.2-416.4
    Return of mail voter registration applications
    § 24.2-416.5
    Social security number or parts thereof not to be disclosed
    § 24.2-416.6
    Registration by and instructions for voter registration drives; compensation prohibitions
  • Article 3.2.
    Electronic Registration
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  • § 24.2-416.7
    Application for voter registration by electronic means
  • Article 5.
    Cancellation of Registration
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  • § 24.2-426
    § 24.2-427
    Cancellation of registration by voter or for persons known to be deceased or disqualified to vote
    § 24.2-428
    Regular periodic review of registration records; notice to voters identified as having moved; placement on inactive status for failure to respond to notice
    § 24.2-428.1
    Other procedures for assigning registered voters to inactive status
    § 24.2-428.2
    Return of registered voter to active status
    § 24.2-429
    Maintenance of accurate registration records by general registrar; notice and hearing before cancellation
    § 24.2-430
    Appeal from decision of registrar
    § 24.2-431
    Petition to court objecting to registration
    § 24.2-432
    Notice to person objected to and decision of court
    § 24.2-433
    Appeal from decision of court
    § 24.2-434
    Presumption if petition not brought within six months of registration
    § 24.2-435
    Cancellation records to be retained for specified periods
  • Article 6.
    Temporary Registration for Presidential Elections [Repealed]
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  • § 24.2-436
  • Article 7.
    Temporary Absentee Registration for Federal Elections [Repealed]
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  • § 24.2-440
  • Article 8.
    Registration Records Generally
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  • § 24.2-444
    Duties of general registrars and Department of Elections as to voter registration records; public inspection; exceptions
    § 24.2-445
    Registration records controlling in event of conflict
    § 24.2-446
    Reconstruction of destroyed registration records
    § 24.2-447
    Persons registered prior to this title