Code of Virginia

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Chapter 51.
Food and Drink
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  • Article 1.
    General Provisions
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  • § 3.2-5100
    Duties of Commissioner
    § 3.2-5101
    Board authorized to adopt regulations; exception
    § 3.2-5102
    Commissioner to have access to factories, warehouses, and other places; examination of samples
    § 3.2-5103
    Standards of variability permissible to any article of food
    § 3.2-5104
    Chemical work incident to execution of laws
  • Article 3.
    Adulteration, Misbranding, and False Advertising
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  • § 3.2-5120
    § 3.2-5121
    Authority to adopt regulations; conformity with federal regulations; hearings; enforcement of article; review of regulations
    § 3.2-5122
    Adulterated food
    § 3.2-5123
    Misbranded food
    § 3.2-5124
    Labeling as kosher and halal; penalty
    § 3.2-5125
    Poisonous or deleterious substance added to food
    § 3.2-5126
    Prohibited acts; exceptions; Commissioner may seek injunction; penalties
    § 3.2-5127
    Removal of certain labels from meat packaging prohibited; penalty
    § 3.2-5128
    Duty of attorney for the Commonwealth when violation reported; Commissioner to give notice
  • Article 4.
    Seizures, Prosecutions, Penalties, and Enforcement
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  • § 3.2-5129
    Definition of term "food."
    § 3.2-5130
    Inspections required to operate food establishment
    § 3.2-5131
    Right to enter and take samples
    § 3.2-5132
    Notice and warning to place premises in sanitary condition
    § 3.2-5133
    Failure to obey such notice and warning a misdemeanor
    § 3.2-5134
    Condemnation of unsafe food by Commissioner
    § 3.2-5135
    Authority to seize food and dairy products; analysis; disposition of remainder
    § 3.2-5136
    Purchase of samples for analysis
    § 3.2-5137
    Proceeding for forfeiture
    § 3.2-5138
    Judgment as to goods seized; procedure before an appropriate court; appeal
    § 3.2-5139
    Disposition of proceeds from sale of such goods
    § 3.2-5140
    Attorney for the Commonwealth to render legal assistance
    § 3.2-5141
    General duty of attorneys for the Commonwealth; compensation
    § 3.2-5142
    Punishment for hindering Commissioner
    § 3.2-5143
    Enforcement against companies
    § 3.2-5144
    Exemption from civil and criminal liability in certain cases
    § 3.2-5145
    Punishment for failure to comply with requirements of certain chapters