Code of Virginia

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Chapter 7.
Vital Records
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  • Article 2.
    Birth Certificates
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  • § 32.1-257
    Filing birth certificates; from whom required; signatures of parents
    § 32.1-257.1
    Parents to report social security account number at time of child's birth
    § 32.1-258
    Report of foundling; constitutes birth certificate
    § 32.1-258.1
    Certificate of Birth Resulting in Stillbirth; requirements
    § 32.1-259
    Filing and registration of delayed birth certificates; refusal of registration; notice of right of appeal
    § 32.1-260
    Petition for court order establishing record of birth when delayed certificate rejected; hearing; notice; findings; registration of court order
    § 32.1-261
    New certificate of birth established on proof of adoption, legitimation or determination of paternity, or change of sex
    § 32.1-261.1
  • Article 4.
    Death Certificates and Out-of-State Transit Permits
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  • § 32.1-263
    Filing death certificates; medical certification; investigation by Office of the Chief Medical Examiner
    § 32.1-264
    Reports of fetal deaths; medical certification; investigation by the Office of the Chief Medical Examiner; confidentiality of information concerning abortions
    § 32.1-265
    Transit permits; permits for disinterment and reinterment
    § 32.1-266
    Extending time for filing death certificates and obtaining out-of-state transit permits
  • Article 5.
    Marriage Records and Divorce and Annulment Reports
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  • § 32.1-267
    Records of marriages; duties of officer issuing marriage license and person officiating at ceremony; blocking of social security number
    § 32.1-268
    Reports of divorces and annulments
    § 32.1-268.1
    Compilation and posting of marriage, divorce, and annulment data
  • Article 6.
    Amendments to Vital Records
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  • § 32.1-269
    Amending vital records; change of name; acknowledgment of paternity
    § 32.1-269.1
    Amending death certificates; change and correction of demographic information by affidavit or court order
  • Article 7.
    Miscellaneous Provisions
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  • § 32.1-270
    State Registrar may reproduce records; disposition of documents from which permanent reproductions made
    § 32.1-271
    Disclosure of information in records; when unlawful; when permitted; proceeding to compel disclosure; when certain records made public
    § 32.1-272
    Certified copies of vital records; other copies
    § 32.1-273
    Fees for certified copies, searches of files, etc.; disposition
    § 32.1-273.1
    Virginia Vital Statistics Automation Fund
    § 32.1-274
    Persons in charge of institutions and funeral directors, etc., to keep records; lists sent to State Registrar
    § 32.1-275
    Information as to births, deaths, marriages and divorces to be furnished on demand
    § 32.1-275.1
    Matching of birth and death certificates; marking of certificates and copies
    § 32.1-275.2
    Notation on birth records of missing children
    § 32.1-276
    Penalty imposed for violations