Code of Virginia

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Chapter 4.
Labor Unions, Strikes, Etc.
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  • Article 1.
    In General
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  • § 40.1-52
    Authority of labor unions to own, encumber and sell real estate
    § 40.1-53
    Preventing persons from pursuing lawful vocations, etc.; illegal picketing; injunction
    § 40.1-54
    Payment of certain charges by carriers or shippers to or for benefit of labor organization
    § 40.1-54.1
    Public policy as to strikes and work stoppages at hospitals
    § 40.1-54.2
    Strikes and work stoppages at hospitals prohibited; penalty
    § 40.1-54.3
    Right to vote by secret ballot on labor organization representation
  • Article 2.
    Strikes by Government Employees
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  • § 40.1-55
    Employee striking terminates, and becomes temporarily ineligible for, public employment
    § 40.1-56
    Department head, etc., to notify employee of such termination, etc.
    § 40.1-57
    Appeal by employee from declaration of ineligibility
    § 40.1-57.1
    Appeal by employer for reemployment of terminated employee
  • Article 3.
    Denial or Abridgement of Right to Work
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  • § 40.1-58
    Policy of article
    § 40.1-58.1
    Application of article to public employers and employees
    § 40.1-59
    Agreements or combinations declared unlawful
    § 40.1-60
    Employers not to require employees to become or remain members of union
    § 40.1-61
    Employers not to require abstention from membership or officeholding in union
    § 40.1-62
    Employer not to require payment of union dues, etc.
    § 40.1-63
    Recovery by individual unlawfully denied employment
    § 40.1-64
    Application of article to contracts
    § 40.1-65
    Agreement or practice designed to cause employer to violate article declared illegal
    § 40.1-66
    Conduct causing violation of article illegal; peaceful solicitation to join union
    § 40.1-67
    Injunctive relief against violation; recovery of damages
    § 40.1-68
    Service of process on clerk of State Corporation Commission as attorney for union
    § 40.1-69
    Violation a misdemeanor
  • Article 4.
    Mediation and Conciliation of Labor Disputes
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  • § 40.1-70
    Department designated agency to mediate disputes
    § 40.1-71
    Notice of proposed termination or modification of collective bargaining contract; notice prior to work stoppage; injunctions and penalties
    § 40.1-72
    Commissioner to notify Governor of disputes; mediation and conciliation
    § 40.1-73
    Commissioner to keep Governor informed of negotiations, etc.
    § 40.1-74
    Right of entry
    § 40.1-75
    Article not applicable when National Railway Labor Act applies
  • Article 5.
    Registration of Labor Unions, Labor Associations and Labor Organizations
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  • § 40.1-76