Code of Virginia

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Chapter 23.1.
Cemetery Operators, Perpetual Care Trust Funds and Preneed Burial Contracts
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§ 54.1-2310
§ 54.1-2311
Cemetery operators required to be licensed by the Board
§ 54.1-2312
§ 54.1-2312.01
Special interments; definitions; regulations by Board
§ 54.1-2312.1
Resale of interment right; conditions for resale transaction; contents of transfer form; approval by cemetery company
§ 54.1-2312.2
Resale of interment right by certain churches and religious organizations
§ 54.1-2313
Board; appointment; terms; vacancies; meetings; quorum; other powers; regulations
§ 54.1-2313.1
Protection of preneed burial and perpetual care trust funds; operation of cemetery company; appointment of receiver
§ 54.1-2314
Refusal, suspension or revocation of license or registration
§ 54.1-2315
Other prohibited activities
§ 54.1-2316
Certain representations unlawful; perpetual care trust fund required
§ 54.1-2317
Who may serve as trustee of perpetual care trust fund
§ 54.1-2318
Application of Part a (§ 64.2-1200 et seq.) of Subtitle IV of Title 64.2
§ 54.1-2319
Deposit in perpetual care trust fund required upon sale of graves, etc.
§ 54.1-2320
Additional deposit not required upon subsequent sale of same grave, crypt or niche
§ 54.1-2321
Recovery of original perpetual care trust fund deposit
§ 54.1-2322
Use of income from perpetual care trust fund; distributions
§ 54.1-2323
Financial records required
§ 54.1-2324
Financial report and report of independent certified public accountant required for perpetual care trust funds
§ 54.1-2325
Deposit in preneed trust required upon sale of property or services not to be delivered within 120 days
§ 54.1-2326
Who may serve as trustee of preneed trust fund
§ 54.1-2327
Itemized statement and general price list of burial fees to be furnished; solicitations prohibited
§ 54.1-2328
Requirements of preneed burial contracts
§ 54.1-2329
Identification of specific funds
§ 54.1-2330
Specific funds and income to remain in preneed trust account; exception
§ 54.1-2331
Disbursement of trust funds upon performance of contract
§ 54.1-2332
Seller required to keep records
§ 54.1-2333
Financial report and report of independent certified public accountant required for preneed trust accounts
§ 54.1-2334
Inclusion of property and services to be delivered within 120 days
§ 54.1-2335
Breach of contract by seller; trust to be single purpose trust
§ 54.1-2336
Trustee may rely on certifications and affidavits
§ 54.1-2337
Transfer of trust funds to another trustee
§ 54.1-2338
Use of trustee's name in advertisements
§ 54.1-2339
Construction and development of mausoleums and garden crypts
§ 54.1-2340
Waiver of chapter void
§ 54.1-2341
Exemption from levy, garnishment and distress
§ 54.1-2342