Code of Virginia

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Chapter 6.
Recordation of Documents
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  • Article 1.
    General Provisions
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  • § 55.1-600
    When and where writings recorded
    § 55.1-601
    Recording and indexing of certain documents showing changes of names
    § 55.1-602
    Presumption that recorded writings are in proper form
    § 55.1-603
    Deed of real estate investment trust
    § 55.1-604
    When clerk may refuse document to be recorded
    § 55.1-605
    Power of attorney; where recorded
    § 55.1-606
    Standards for writings to be docketed or recorded
    § 55.1-607
    When original of writing once recorded is lost, how copy recorded elsewhere
    § 55.1-608
    Certifications of recordation upon copies of certain instruments and subsequent recordation in other county or city
    § 55.1-609
    Correcting errors in deeds, deeds of trust, and mortgages; affidavit
    § 55.1-610
    Recordation of copy of lost deed previously recorded in what is now West Virginia
    § 55.1-611
  • Article 2.
    Acknowledgments Generally
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  • § 55.1-612
    Acknowledgment within the United States or its dependencies
    § 55.1-613
    Acknowledgments outside of the United States and its dependencies
    § 55.1-614
    Acknowledgments by persons subject to Uniform Code of Military Justice; validation of certain acknowledgments
    § 55.1-615
    Acknowledgments taken before commissioned officers in military service
  • Article 3.
    Uniform Recognition of Acknowledgments Act
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  • § 55.1-616
    "Notarial acts" defined; who may perform notarial acts outside the Commonwealth for use in the Commonwealth
    § 55.1-617
    Proof of authority of person performing notarial act
    § 55.1-618
    What person taking acknowledgment shall certify
    § 55.1-619
    When form of certificate of acknowledgment accepted
    § 55.1-620
    Meaning of "acknowledged before me."
    § 55.1-621
    Statutory short forms of acknowledgment
    § 55.1-622
    Application of article; article cumulative
    § 55.1-623
    Uniform interpretation
  • Article 4.
    Deeds and Acknowledgments of Corporations
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  • § 55.1-624
    Deeds of corporations; how to be executed and acknowledged
    § 55.1-625
    Acknowledgments on behalf of corporations and others
    § 55.1-626
    Corporate acknowledgment taken before officer or stockholder
  • Article 5.
    Validating Certain Acts, Deeds, and Acknowledgments
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  • § 55.1-627
    Acts of notaries public, etc., who have held certain other offices
    § 55.1-628
    Validation of acknowledgments when seal not affixed
    § 55.1-629
    Acknowledgment taken by trustee in deed of trust
    § 55.1-630
    Acknowledgment taken by trustee in deed of trust; later date
    § 55.1-631
    Certain acknowledgments taken and certified before July 1, 1995
    § 55.1-632
    Acknowledgments taken by certain justices of the peace, mayors, etc.
    § 55.1-633
    Acknowledgments taken by officers after expiration of terms
    § 55.1-634
    Acknowledgments taken by notaries in service during World War I
    § 55.1-635
    Acknowledgments before foreign officials who failed to affix seals
    § 55.1-636
    Acknowledgments taken by notaries in foreign countries
    § 55.1-637
    Acknowledgments taken by officer who was spouse of grantee
    § 55.1-638
    Acknowledgment when notary certifies erroneously as to expiration of commission
    § 55.1-639
    Acknowledgments before officer of city or county consolidating, etc., prior to expiration date of commission
    § 55.1-640
    Acknowledgments taken before notary whose commission has expired
    § 55.1-641
    Acknowledgments taken before notary whose commission has expired; later date; intervening vested rights saved
    § 55.1-642
    Acknowledgments taken before notary who was appointed but failed to qualify; vested rights saved
    § 55.1-643
    Acknowledgments taken before a notary at large who failed to cite the jurisdiction in which the acknowledgment was taken; vested rights saved
    § 55.1-644
    Deeds defectively executed by corporation
    § 55.1-645
    Deeds to which corporate seal not affixed or not attested
    § 55.1-646
    Acknowledgments of corporations taken by officers or stockholders
    § 55.1-647
    Recordation certificate not signed by clerk
    § 55.1-648
    Recordation certificate not signed by clerk; when clerk has died
  • Article 6.
    United States Judgments; Bankruptcy
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  • § 55.1-649
    Recordation of judgments affecting title to land
    § 55.1-650
    Judgments of United States courts affecting realty
    § 55.1-651
    Orders in bankruptcy
    § 55.1-652
    Certificates of commencement of case in bankruptcy
  • Article 7.
    Uniform Federal Lien Registration Act
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  • § 55.1-653
    Where notices and certificates affecting liens to be filed
    § 55.1-654
    Certification of notices and certificates
    § 55.1-655
    Duties of filing officers
    § 55.1-656
    Fees of filing officers other than clerk of State Corporation Commission
    § 55.1-657
    Fees of clerk of State Corporation Commission
    § 55.1-658
    Construction of article
    § 55.1-659
    Certificates and notices affecting liens filed on or before July 1, 1970
    § 55.1-660
    No action to be brought against the State Corporation Commission or its staff
  • Article 8.
    Uniform Real Property Electronic Recording Act
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  • § 55.1-661
    § 55.1-662
    Validity of electronically filed and recorded land records
    § 55.1-663
    Recording of electronic documents among the land records
    § 55.1-664
    Uniform standards
    § 55.1-665
    Uniformity of application and construction
    § 55.1-666
    Relation to Electronic Signatures in Global and National Commerce Act