Code of Virginia

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Chapter 17.
Miscellaneous Taxes
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  • Article 6.
    Taxes on Suits and Other Judicial Proceedings
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  • § 58.1-1727
    Taxes on suits or writ taxes generally
    § 58.1-1728
    Payment of tax
    § 58.1-1729
    Payment prerequisite to issue of writ, etc.; effect of failure to collect
  • Article 11.
    Transportation Transient Occupancy Taxes
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  • § 58.1-1743
    (For expiration date, see Acts 2020, cc. 1230 and 1275, and cc. 1241 and 1281) Transportation district transient occupancy tax
    § 58.1-1744
    (For contingent expiration, see Acts 2020, cc. 1230 and 1275) Local transportation transient occupancy tax