Code of Virginia

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Chapter 12.
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  • Article 1.
    General Provisions
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  • § 63.2-1200
    Who may place children for adoption
    § 63.2-1200.1
    Recognition of foreign adoption; issuance of birth certificates
    § 63.2-1201
    Filing of petition for adoption; venue; jurisdiction; and proceedings
    § 63.2-1201.1
    Previously married persons who stood in loco parentis during the time of the marriage may adopt in the same manner as married persons
    § 63.2-1202
    Parental, or agency, consent required; exceptions
    § 63.2-1203
    When consent is withheld or unobtainable
    § 63.2-1204
    When consent is revocable; fraud or duress; mutual consent
    § 63.2-1205
    Best interests of the child; standards for determining
    § 63.2-1205.1
    Certain offenders prohibited from adopting a child
    § 63.2-1206
    No parental presumption after revocation period expires
    § 63.2-1207
    Removal of child from adoptive home
    § 63.2-1208
    Investigations; report to circuit court
    § 63.2-1209
    Entry of interlocutory order
    § 63.2-1210
    Probationary period, interlocutory order and order of reference not required under certain circumstances
    § 63.2-1211
    Revocation of interlocutory order
    § 63.2-1212
    Visitations during probationary period and report
    § 63.2-1213
    Final order of adoption
    § 63.2-1214
    Annual review of pending petitions for adoption; duty of Commissioner and circuit court clerk
    § 63.2-1215
    Legal effects of adoption
    § 63.2-1216
    Final order not subject to attack after six months
    § 63.2-1217
    Provision of false information; penalty
    § 63.2-1218
    Certain exchange of property, advertisement, solicitation prohibited; penalty
    § 63.2-1219
    Suspected violation of property exchange information
    § 63.2-1220
    Issuance of birth certificates for children adopted in the Commonwealth
    § 63.2-1220.01
    Foreign adoptions; establishment of date of birth
    § 63.2-1220.1
    Establishment of minimum training requirements
  • Article 1.1.
    Post-Adoption Contact and Communication Agreements
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  • § 63.2-1220.2
    Authority to enter into post-adoption contact and communication agreements
    § 63.2-1220.3
    Approval of post-adoption contact and communication agreements
    § 63.2-1220.4
    Jurisdiction to approve post-adoption contact and communication agreements
  • Article 2.
    Agency Adoptions
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  • § 63.2-1221
    Placement of children for adoption by agency or local board
    § 63.2-1222
    Execution of entrustment agreement by birth parent(s); exceptions; notice and objection to entrustment; copy required to be furnished; requirement for agencies outside the Commonwealth
    § 63.2-1223
    Revocation of entrustment agreement
    § 63.2-1224
    Explanation of process, legal effects of adoption required
    § 63.2-1225
    Determination of appropriate home
    § 63.2-1226
    When birth parents recommend adoptive parents
    § 63.2-1227
    Filing of petition for agency adoption
    § 63.2-1228
    Forwarding of petition
    § 63.2-1228.1
    § 63.2-1229
    Foster parent adoption
  • Article 3.
    Parental Placement Adoptions
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  • § 63.2-1230
    Placement of children by parent or guardian
    § 63.2-1231
    Home study; meeting required; exception
    § 63.2-1232
    Requirements of a parental placement adoption; exception
    § 63.2-1233
    Consent to be executed in juvenile and domestic relations district court; exceptions
    § 63.2-1234
    When consent is revocable
    § 63.2-1235
    Adoptive home not in child's best interests
    § 63.2-1236
    Duty of Department to disseminate information
    § 63.2-1237
    Petition for parental placement adoption; jurisdiction; contents
    § 63.2-1238
    Forwarding of petition; when investigation and report not required
    § 63.2-1239
    Return of copies furnished to counsel
    § 63.2-1240
    Court issuing order deemed sending agency under Interstate Compact on Placement of Children
  • Article 4.
    Stepparent and Confirmatory Adoption
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  • § 63.2-1241
    Adoption of child by spouse of birth or adoptive parent or other person with legitimate interest
    § 63.2-1242
    Investigation and report at discretion of circuit court
  • Article 5.
    Adult Adoption
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  • § 63.2-1243
    Adoption of certain persons eighteen years of age or over
    § 63.2-1244
    Investigation and report at discretion of circuit court; exception
  • Article 6.
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  • § 63.2-1245
    Separate order book, file and index of adoption cases; to whom available; permanent retention
    § 63.2-1246
    Disposition of reports; disclosure of information as to identity of birth family
    § 63.2-1246.1
    Commissioner authority to store, preserve, and certify adoption files
    § 63.2-1247
    Disclosure to birth family; adoptive parents; medical, etc., information; exchange of information; open records in parental placement adoptions
    § 63.2-1248
    Fees for home studies, investigations, visitations and reports