Code of Virginia

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Chapter 11.
Powers of Cities and Towns
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  • Article 1.
    Uniform Charter Powers
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  • § 15.2-1100
    Powers conferred; exercised by council
    § 15.2-1101
    Exercise of powers outside boundaries
    § 15.2-1102
    General grant of power; enumeration of powers not exclusive; limitations on exercise of power
    § 15.2-1103
    Charter provisions not affected; conflict between chapter and charter
    § 15.2-1104
    Taxes and assessments
    § 15.2-1104.1
    Tax on admissions to charitable events
    § 15.2-1105
    Borrowing money and issuing evidence of indebtedness
    § 15.2-1106
    Control and management of affairs; books, records, accounts, etc., of agencies
    § 15.2-1107
    Departments, offices, boards, etc.
    § 15.2-1108
    Gifts, donations, bequests or grants
    § 15.2-1109
    Milk, food and food products
    § 15.2-1110
    Swimming pools, lakes and other waters
    § 15.2-1111
    Regulation of cemeteries and burials
    § 15.2-1112
    Aid to military units
    § 15.2-1113
    Dangerous, etc., business or employment; transportation of offensive substances; explosive or inflammable substances; fireworks
    § 15.2-1113.1
    Prohibiting hunting in certain areas
    § 15.2-1114
    Auctions; pawnshops; secondhand dealers; peddling; fraud and deceit in sales; weights and measures
    § 15.2-1115
    Abatement or removal of nuisances
    § 15.2-1116
    Smoke; fuel-burning equipment
    § 15.2-1117
    Light, ventilation, sanitation and use and occupancy of buildings
    § 15.2-1118
    § 15.2-1119
    Hospitals, sanatoria, homes, clinics, etc.
    § 15.2-1120
    Detentive, correctional and penal institutions
    § 15.2-1121
    § 15.2-1122
    Parking or storage of vehicles
    § 15.2-1123
    Airports and facilities
    § 15.2-1123.1
    Lynchburg Regional Airport police department
    § 15.2-1124
    Police jurisdiction over lands, buildings and structures; jurisdiction of offenses; appeals; jurisdiction in certain public buildings with magistrate's offices
    § 15.2-1125
    Licenses and permits; fees; bonds or insurance
    § 15.2-1126
    Posting of bond not prerequisite to exercise of right by municipality
  • Article 2.
    Additional Powers of Cities and Towns
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  • § 15.2-1127
    Vacant building registration; civil penalty
    § 15.2-1128
    City of Norfolk authorized to exchange information regarding criminal history
    § 15.2-1129
    Encouragement of use of city facilities in certain cities
    § 15.2-1129.1
    § 15.2-1129.2
    Creation of local economic revitalization zones
    § 15.2-1130
    Liability for failure to provide adequate security or crowd control
    § 15.2-1131
    Establishment of personnel system for city administrative officials and employees
    § 15.2-1132
    Volunteer property maintenance and zoning inspectors in certain cities
    § 15.2-1133
    Purchase of electric power and energy; duration of contracts; source of payments