Code of Virginia

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Chapter 9.
General Powers of Local Governments
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  • Article 1.
    Public Health and Safety; Nuisances
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  • § 15.2-900
    Abatement or removal of nuisances by localities; recovery of costs
    § 15.2-901
    Locality may provide for removal or disposal of trash and clutter, cutting of grass, weeds, and running bamboo; penalty in certain counties; penalty
    § 15.2-901.1
    Locality may provide for control of running bamboo; civil penalty
    § 15.2-902
    Authority of locality to control certain noxious weeds
    § 15.2-903
    Ordinances taxing and regulating "automobile graveyards," "junkyards," and certain vacant and abandoned property
    § 15.2-904
    Authority to restrict keeping of inoperable motor vehicles, etc., on residential or commercial property; removal of such vehicles; penalty
    § 15.2-905
    Authority to restrict keeping of inoperable motor vehicles, etc., on residential or commercial property; removal of such vehicles
    § 15.2-906
    Authority to require removal, repair, etc., of buildings and other structures
    § 15.2-906.1
    § 15.2-907
    Authority to require removal, repair, etc., of buildings and other structures harboring illegal drug use or other criminal activity
    § 15.2-907.1
    Authority to require removal, repair, etc., of buildings that are declared to be derelict; civil penalty
    § 15.2-907.2
    Authority of locality or land bank entity to be appointed to act as a receiver to repair derelict and blighted buildings in certain limited circumstances
    § 15.2-908
    Authority of localities to remove or repair the defacement of buildings, walls, fences and other structures
    § 15.2-908.1
    Authority to require removal, repair, etc., of buildings and other structures harboring a bawdy place
    § 15.2-909
    Authority to require removal, repair, etc., of wharves, piers, pilings, bulkheads, vessels or abandoned, obstructing or hazardous property
    § 15.2-910
    Ordinance certifying boiler and pressure vessel operators; penalty
    § 15.2-911
    Regulation of alarm company operators
    § 15.2-912
    Regulation of tattoo parlors and body-piercing salons; definition; exception
    § 15.2-912.1
    Regulation of martial arts instruction
    § 15.2-912.2
    Proceeds exempt from local taxation
    § 15.2-912.3
    Regulation of dance halls by counties, cities, and towns
    § 15.2-913
    Ordinances regulating certain vendors
    § 15.2-914
    Regulation of child-care services and facilities in cities and certain counties
    § 15.2-915
    Control of firearms; applicability to authorities and local governmental agencies
    § 15.2-915.1
    § 15.2-915.2
    Regulation of transportation of a loaded rifle or shotgun
    § 15.2-915.3
    § 15.2-915.4
    Counties, cities and towns authorized to regulate use of pneumatic guns
    § 15.2-915.5
    Disposition of firearms acquired by localities
    § 15.2-916
    Prohibiting shooting of compound bows, slingbows, arrowguns, crossbows, longbows, and recurve bows
    § 15.2-917
    Applicability of local noise ordinances to certain sport shooting ranges
    § 15.2-918
    Locality may prohibit or regulate use of air cannons
    § 15.2-919
    § 15.2-920
    Regulation of outdoor lighting near certain facilities
    § 15.2-921
    Ordinances requiring fencing of swimming pools
    § 15.2-922
    Smoke alarms in certain buildings
    § 15.2-922.1
    Regulating or prohibiting the making of fires
    § 15.2-922.2
    Special fee for emergency services in certain counties
    § 15.2-923
    Local water-saving ordinances
    § 15.2-924
    Water supply emergency ordinances
    § 15.2-924.1
    § 15.2-925
    Regulation, etc., of assemblies or movement of persons or vehicles under certain circumstances; curfew; penalty
    § 15.2-925.1
    Local notifications
    § 15.2-926
    Prohibiting loitering; frequenting amusements and curfew for minors; penalty
    § 15.2-926.1
    Bounties for coyotes
    § 15.2-926.2
    Adoption of ordinances prohibiting obscenity
    § 15.2-926.3
    Local regulation of certain aircraft
    § 15.2-926.4
    Regulation of smoking in outdoor amphitheater or concert venue; civil penalty
  • Article 2.
    Waste and Recycling
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  • § 15.2-927
    Garbage and refuse disposal
    § 15.2-928
    Local recycling and waste disposal; powers; penalties
    § 15.2-929
    Solid waste management facility siting approval
    § 15.2-930
    Regulation of garbage and refuse pickup and disposal services; contracting for such services
    § 15.2-931
    Regulation of garbage and refuse pickup and disposal services; contracting for such services in certain localities
    § 15.2-932
    Authorization to enter into certain contracts for garbage and refuse pickup and disposal services; waste recovery facilities
    § 15.2-933
    Ordinances requiring delivery of garbage, trash and refuse to certain facilities; exceptions
    § 15.2-934
    Displacement of private waste companies
    § 15.2-935
    Authority to prohibit placement of leaves or grass clippings in landfills
    § 15.2-936
    Garbage and refuse disposal; fee exemption
    § 15.2-937
    Separation of solid waste
    § 15.2-938
    Preference for purchase of recycled paper and paper products
    § 15.2-939
    Ordinances requiring recycling reports
  • Article 3.
    Economic Development; Tourism; Historic Preservation
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  • § 15.2-940
    Expenditures for promoting resources and advantages of locality
    § 15.2-941
    Participation by local government in certain loan programs
    § 15.2-941.1
    Creation of abandoned school revitalization zones
    § 15.2-942
    Local government participation in certain events
    § 15.2-943
    Operation and maintenance of living historical farm museums
    § 15.2-943.1
    Creation of arts and cultural districts
    § 15.2-944
    Authority to acquire and preserve places and things of historical interest
    § 15.2-944.1
    Notification prior to sale or transfer of ownership of certain historic properties
    § 15.2-945
    Acquisition and housing of relics, paintings, carvings, sculpture and other works of art
    § 15.2-946
    Regulation of tour guides and tourist guides
  • Article 4.
    Public Transportation
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  • § 15.2-947
    Systems of public transportation for certain counties or cities
    § 15.2-948
    Locality may designate continuing source of revenue for mass transit
    § 15.2-949
    Shared ride taxi systems, etc.; nonprofit vanpools
  • Article 5.
    Additional Powers
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  • § 15.2-950
    § 15.2-951
    Acquisition, disposition and use of personal property by localities generally
    § 15.2-952
    Political subdivisions may acquire property from United States
    § 15.2-953
    Donations to charitable institutions and associations, volunteer and nonprofit organizations, chambers of commerce, etc.
    § 15.2-954
    Loans to volunteer firefighting and rescue organizations
    § 15.2-954.1
    Volunteer firefighter or volunteer emergency medical services personnel tuition reimbursement
    § 15.2-955
    Approval by local governing body for the establishment of volunteer emergency medical services agencies and firefighting organizations
    § 15.2-956
    Participation in certain federal development programs
    § 15.2-957
    Participation by localities in certain leasing programs
    § 15.2-958
    Local funding for repair or production of low and moderate income rental property or repair of residential property; other housing experiments
    § 15.2-958.1
    Sale of certain property in certain cities
    § 15.2-958.2
    Grants for homeownership; workforce housing
    § 15.2-958.2:01
    Grants for certain corporations and pass-through entities
    § 15.2-958.3
    Commercial Property Assessed Clean Energy (C-PACE) financing programs
    § 15.2-958.3:1
    Local green banks
    § 15.2-958.4
    Waiver of certain fees for affordable housing
    § 15.2-958.5
    Local funding for community revitalization
    § 15.2-958.6
    Financing the repair of failed septic systems
    § 15.2-959
    Housing research
    § 15.2-960
    Planting of trees destroyed during construction
    § 15.2-961
    Replacement of trees during development process in certain localities
    § 15.2-961.1
    Conservation of trees during land development process in localities belonging to a nonattainment area for air quality standards
    § 15.2-961.2
    Conservation of trees; notice of infill lot grading plan
    § 15.2-961.3
    Replacement of trees during development process in localities
    § 15.2-962
    Authority to require a unified geographic information system for a locality
    § 15.2-963
    Local offices of consumer affairs; establishment; powers and duties
    § 15.2-964
    Organization of local human services activities; authorization of reorganization by Governor
    § 15.2-965
    Human rights ordinances and commissions
    § 15.2-965.1
    Participation of small, women-owned, and minority-owned businesses
    § 15.2-965.2
    Enhancement of micro-business participation in local procurement
    § 15.2-966
    Establishment and operation of educational television stations
    § 15.2-966.1
    Establishment of primary health care facility for employees of locality
    § 15.2-967
    Parking facilities
    § 15.2-967.1
    Regulation of certain transportation services
    § 15.2-967.2
    Electric vehicle charging stations
    § 15.2-968
    Regulation of parking of vehicles within boundaries of state-supported institutions
    § 15.2-968.01
    Parking in certain residential areas
    § 15.2-968.1
    (For contingent expiration date, see Acts 2023, c. 738, cl. 2) Use of violation monitoring systems to enforce traffic light signals and certain traffic control devices
    § 15.2-968.1
    (For contingent effective date, see Acts 2023, c. 738, cl. 2) Use of violation monitoring systems to enforce traffic light signals and certain traffic control devices
    § 15.2-969
    Ordinances prohibiting resale of tickets to certain public events; penalty
    § 15.2-970
    Construction of dams, levees, seawalls, etc.; certain proceedings prohibited
    § 15.2-971
    Armories and markets; assistance to National Guard
    § 15.2-972
    Appropriations for the upkeep of certain cemeteries
    § 15.2-973
    Ordinances imposing license taxes on owners of certain motor vehicles
    § 15.2-974
    Permits for display of fireworks; use and exhibitions
    § 15.2-975
    Use of cash proffers
    § 15.2-976
    Notification of changes to the Federal Emergency Management Agency Special Flood Hazard Area map
    § 15.2-977
    Green Roof Incentive Programs
    § 15.2-977.1
    Local incentives for urban green space
    § 15.2-978
    Registration by locality of cemeteries, graveyards, or other places of burial on private property
    § 15.2-979
    Notice of sale under deed of trust
    § 15.2-980
    Civil penalties for violations of noise ordinances
    § 15.2-981
    Authority to sell dogs trained for police work
    § 15.2-982
    Designation of tourism activity zones
    § 15.2-983
    Creation of registry for short-term rental of property
    § 15.2-984
    Adoption of flood plain ordinances
    § 15.2-985
    Disposition of abandoned shopping carts; unauthorized possession; penalties
    § 15.2-986
    Broadband services; education