Code of Virginia

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Chapter 12.
General Powers and Procedures of Counties
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  • Article 1.
    Miscellaneous Powers
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  • § 15.2-1200
    General powers of counties
    § 15.2-1201
    County boards of supervisors vested with powers and authority of councils of cities and towns; exceptions
    § 15.2-1201.1
    Discharging employee for service on board prohibited; civil penalty
    § 15.2-1201.2
    Discount for early payment of taxes
    § 15.2-1202
    Appropriation of money to incorporated towns
    § 15.2-1203
    Governing body may require treasurer to pay claims
    § 15.2-1204
    Appropriations for advertising resources, etc., by counties
    § 15.2-1205
    Allocation of county funds or property to authorities created by county
    § 15.2-1206
    § 15.2-1207
    Pistols and revolvers; reports of sales
    § 15.2-1208
    Same; in certain counties
    § 15.2-1209
    Prohibiting outdoor shooting of firearms or arrows from bows or arrowguns in certain areas
    § 15.2-1209.1
    Counties may regulate carrying of loaded firearms on public highways
    § 15.2-1210
    Prohibiting hunting in certain areas
    § 15.2-1211
    Boundaries of magisterial and election districts
    § 15.2-1212
    Frederick County; resolution of board of supervisors; referendum; election
    § 15.2-1213
    Referendum in Loudoun County on election of the county chairman from the county at large
    § 15.2-1213.1
    Referendum in Page County on election of the county chairman from the county at large
    § 15.2-1214
    County may provide motor vehicle liability insurance to protect operators of motor vehicles owned or leased by county, school board, etc.
    § 15.2-1215
    Authority to cut growth of grass or lawn area in counties
    § 15.2-1216
    Provision of information to prospective buyers in planned development units
    § 15.2-1217
    Regulation of emission of smoke from fuel-burning equipment
    § 15.2-1218
    Prevention of trespassing; animals running at large on highways
    § 15.2-1219
    Prohibiting sale on highways of plants, shrubs or trees
    § 15.2-1220
    Regulation by certain counties of persons and vehicles
    § 15.2-1221
    § 15.2-1222
    Regulation of certain motion pictures shown at drive-in theaters
    § 15.2-1223
    Regulation of horse riding schools
    § 15.2-1224
    Authority to equip and maintain television transmission and relay facilities
    § 15.2-1225
    Authority to establish hospitals
    § 15.2-1226
    Authority of certain counties over Smith Mountain Lake
    § 15.2-1227
    Well covers in Caroline County
    § 15.2-1228
    Repair of foundation damage in Chesterfield County
    § 15.2-1229
    Petty cash funds
    § 15.2-1230
    Monthly financial reports of officers and offices
    § 15.2-1231
    Centralized competitive purchasing by chief administrative officer
    § 15.2-1232
    Posting of bond not prerequisite to exercise of right by county
    § 15.2-1232.1
    Auctions; pawnshops; secondhand dealers; peddling; fraud and deceit in sales; weights and measures
    § 15.2-1232.2
    Creation of local economic revitalization zones
  • Article 3.
    Procedural Requirements
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  • § 15.2-1241
    Signing records when chairman has died, moved, etc., before signing them
    § 15.2-1242
    Minutes of meetings and proceedings
  • Article 4.
    Payment of Claims
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  • § 15.2-1243
    Governing body to receive, audit and approve claims; warrants
    § 15.2-1244
    Limitations on issuance of warrants
    § 15.2-1245
    Procedure for allowance of claims
    § 15.2-1246
    Appeal from disallowance of claim
    § 15.2-1247
    When disallowance of claim final; exception; when no execution to be issued
    § 15.2-1248
    No action against county until claim presented to governing body
    § 15.2-1249
    Amounts allowed endorsed on claim; copies of record and accounts to be furnished