Code of Virginia

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Chapter 24.
Service Districts; Taxes and Assessments for Local Improvements
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  • Article 1.
    Service Districts
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  • § 15.2-2400
    Creation of service districts
    § 15.2-2401
    Creation of service districts by court order in consolidated cities
    § 15.2-2402
    Description of proposed service district
    § 15.2-2402.1
    Change to service district boundaries
    § 15.2-2403
    Powers of service districts
    § 15.2-2403.1
    Creation of urban transportation service districts
    § 15.2-2403.2
    Virginia Wallops Research Park Leadership Council established
    § 15.2-2403.3
    (For contingent effective date, see Acts 2016, cc. 68 and 758, as amended by Acts 2017, c. 345) Stormwater service districts; allocation of revenues
    § 15.2-2403.4
    Community improvement districts
  • Article 2.
    Taxes or Assessments for Local Improvements
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  • § 15.2-2404
    Authority to impose taxes or assessments for local improvements; purposes
    § 15.2-2405
    How imposed
    § 15.2-2406
    How cost assessed or apportioned
    § 15.2-2407
    Assessments to be reported to collector of taxes; postponement of payment by certain property owners
    § 15.2-2408
    Notice to landowner of amount of assessment
    § 15.2-2409
    How notice given; objections
    § 15.2-2410
    Appeal to court; duty of clerk of governing body, etc.
    § 15.2-2411
    How such appeal tried; lien of judgment; when to take effect; how enforced
    § 15.2-2412
    Docketing of abstracts of resolutions or ordinances
    § 15.2-2413
    Installment payment of assessments