Code of Virginia

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Chapter 1.
General Provisions and Administration
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  • Article 2.
    State Board of Elections
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  • § 24.2-102
    Appointment; terms; Commissioner of Elections; prohibited activities
    § 24.2-103
    Powers and duties in general; report
    § 24.2-103.1
    Duties of Department of Elections related to redistricting
    § 24.2-103.2
    Duties of the Department of Elections related to accessible absentee voting
    § 24.2-104
    Requesting assistance for attorney for the Commonwealth; investigative committees
    § 24.2-104.1
    Civil actions by Attorney General
    § 24.2-105.1
    Election and voter participation information on the Internet
    § 24.2-105
    Prescribing various forms
    § 24.2-105.2
    Acceptance of payments
  • Article 3.
    Local Electoral Boards
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  • § 24.2-106
    Appointment and terms; vacancies; chairman and secretary; certain prohibitions; training
    § 24.2-106.01
    Description of duties and responsibilities; required affirmation
    § 24.2-106.1
    Prohibiting the solicitation in public buildings of signatures for nominating petitions by electoral board members and employees
    § 24.2-107
    Meetings; quorum; notice; account of proceedings; seal; records open to inspection
    § 24.2-108
    Compensation and expenses of members
    § 24.2-109
    Appointment and removal of general registrar and officers of election; powers and duties in general
    § 24.2-109.1
    Performance review of general registrars
  • Article 6.
    Miscellaneous Provisions
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  • § 24.2-119
    Restrictions on persons holding other offices serving as member of electoral board, registrar, or officer of election
    § 24.2-119.1
    Prohibition on discrimination in employment; penalty
    § 24.2-120
    Oath of office
    § 24.2-121
    Defense of the electoral board, its members, and the general registrar staff; appointment of counsel
    § 24.2-122
    Status of members of electoral boards, registrars, and officers of election
    § 24.2-123
    Requirements for registration and voting; prohibition on use of power of attorney
    § 24.2-124
    § 24.2-124.1
    Acceptance of certain gifts and funding prohibited