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Virginia Administrative Code
Title 24. Transportation And Motor Vehicles

Agency 5. Virginia Aviation Board





The Virginia Aviation Board is authorized to promulgate regulations relating to airports, landing fields and other aviation facilities, aircraft, construction and inspection of airports, licensing of airmen, obstructions to navigable airspace, and such other matters as necessary to promote safe aviation practices and operations. The Department of Aviation implements and enforces the regulations of the board. Code of Virginia, Title 5.1, Chapter 1, Article 1.

The board is responsible for the allocation of all state funds to localities, airport boards, commissions, and authorities. These funds are distributed by the department. Code of Virginia, Title 5.1, Chapters 1, 3 and 5. The board is also authorized to acquire, construct, operate, and dispose of airports and air navigation facilities. It may grant concessions and leases, contract for services, and make regulations for the management of facilities under its control. Code of Virginia, Title 5.1, Chapter 1.

The department operates under the supervision of the Secretary of Transportation. Regulations of the board are available at the office of the Department of Aviation, 5702 Gulfstream Road, Richmond International Airport, VA 23250-2422. Internet address:

Rev. 07/2024

Chapter 10
Public Participation Guidelines for the Enactment of Regulations [Repealed]Read all
Section 10
Section 20
Section 30
Chapter 11
Public Participation GuidelinesRead all
Part I
Purpose and Definitions
Section 10
Section 20
Part II
Notification of Interested Persons
Section 30
Notification List
Section 40
Information to Be Sent to Persons on the Notification List
Part III
Public Participation Procedures
Section 50
Public Comment
Section 60
Petition for Rulemaking
Section 70
Appointment of Regulatory Advisory Panel
Section 80
Appointment of Negotiated Rulemaking Panel
Section 90
Section 100
Public Hearings on Regulations
Section 110
Periodic Review of Regulations
Chapter 20
Regulations Governing the Licensing and Operation of Airports and Aircraft and Obstructions to Airspace in the Commonwealth of VirginiaRead all
Part I
Section 10
Part II
Section 20
Aircraft to Be Licensed
Section 30
Application for Aircraft License
Section 40
Expiration and Renewal of Licenses
Section 50
License Decals to Be Carried or Displayed
Section 60
Transfer of Registration or Interest in Aircraft; Surrender of License
Section 70
Commercial, Noncommercial and Dealer's Licensing
Section 80
Commercial Operators
Section 90
Lease or Rental of Unlicensed Aircraft
Section 100
Operation of Aircraft
Section 110
Part III
Airports and Landing Areas
Section 120
Section 130
Section 140
Minimum Requirements for Licensing
Section 145
Waiver of Minimum Requirements
Section 150
Transfer of Licenses
Section 160
Seaplane Bases
Section 170
Private Airports or Landing Areas
Section 180
Part IV
Obstructions to Airspace
Section 190
Determination of Hazard
Section 200
Obstruction Criteria
Section 210
Obstruction Permit Procedure
Section 220
Model Airport Safety Zoning Ordinance
Part V
Section 230
Part VI
Modification, Suspension, or Revocation of Licenses
Section 275
Conditional Licenses
Section 280
Sanctions, Notices, and Appeals
Part VII
Section 290
Report of Accidents
Section 300
Hazard Notification
Section 310
Emergency Services
Section 320
Use of Department's Aircraft by Other State Agencies
Section 330
Aviation Facilities Constructed in Whole or in Part with State Funds
Section 340
Section 350
Annual Aircraft Survey and Report of Financial Responsibility
Section 360
Section 370
Posting of Traffic Patterns and Chart of Local Student Practice Area
Section 380
Posting of Regulations
Section 390
Effective Date
Section 400
Appendix a: Airport Safety Zoning Ordinance
Unmanned Aircraft
Section 410
Definitions for Part Viii, Unmanned Aircraft
Section 420
Political Subdivision Powers
Section 430
Procedure for Adopting an Ordinance or Regulation
Section 440
Section 450
Federal Laws and Regulations
Forms (24VAC5-20)
Documents Incorporated by Reference (24VAC5-20)

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