Code of Virginia

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Chapter 6.
Divorce, Affirmation and Annulment
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§ 20-89
§ 20-89.1
Suit to annul marriage
§ 20-90
Suit to affirm marriage
§ 20-91
Grounds for divorce from bond of matrimony; contents of decree
§ 20-92
§ 20-93
Insanity of guilty party after commencement of desertion no defense
§ 20-94
Effect of cohabitation after knowledge of adultery, sodomy or buggery; lapse of five years
§ 20-95
Grounds for divorces from bed and board
§ 20-96
Jurisdiction of suits for annulment, affirmance or divorce
§ 20-96.1
§ 20-97
Domicile and residential requirements for suits for annulment, affirmance, or divorce
§ 20-98
§ 20-99
How such suits instituted and conducted; costs
§ 20-99.1
§ 20-99.1:1
How defendant may accept service; waive service
§ 20-99.2
Service in divorce and annulment cases
§ 20-100
§ 20-101
§ 20-102
When not necessary to allege or prove offer of reconciliation
§ 20-103
Court may make orders pending suit for divorce, custody or visitation, etc.
§ 20-104
Order of publication against nonresident defendant
§ 20-104.1
Orders of publication may be combined
§ 20-105
Permissible form for orders of publication
§ 20-105.1
Alternative procedures
§ 20-106
Testimony may be required to be given orally; evidence by affidavit
§ 20-107
§ 20-107.1
Court may decree as to maintenance and support of spouses
§ 20-107.1:1
Court may decree as to maintenance of life insurance policy
§ 20-107.2
Court may decree as to custody and support of children
§ 20-107.3
Court may decree as to property and debts of the parties
§ 20-108
Revision and alteration of such decrees
§ 20-108.1
Determination of child or spousal support
§ 20-108.2
Guideline for determination of child support; quadrennial review by Child Support Guidelines Review Panel; executive summary
§ 20-109
Changing maintenance and support for a spouse; effect of stipulations as to maintenance and support for a spouse; cessation upon cohabitation, remarriage, or death; effect of retirement
§ 20-109.1
Affirmation, ratification and incorporation by reference in decree of agreement between parties
§ 20-110
Maintenance and support for a spouse to cease on remarriage
§ 20-111
Decree of divorce from bond of matrimony extinguishes contingent property rights
§ 20-111.1
Revocation of death benefits by divorce or annulment
§ 20-112
Notice when proceedings reopened
§ 20-113
Procedure when respondent fails to perform order for support and maintenance of child or spouse or owes support and maintenance or additional support and maintenance
§ 20-114
Recognizance for compliance with order or decree
§ 20-115
Commitment and sentence for failure to comply with order or decree
§ 20-116
Effect of divorce from bed and board and what court may decree
§ 20-117
Divorce from bond of matrimony after divorce from bed and board
§ 20-118
Prohibition of remarriage pending appeal from divorce decree; certain marriages validated
§ 20-119
§ 20-120
Revocation of decree from bed and board
§ 20-121
Merger of decree for divorce from bed and board with decree for divorce from bond of matrimony
§ 20-121.01
Decree of divorce from bonds of matrimony without decree from bed and board
§ 20-121.02
Decree of divorce without amended bill or amended cross-bill
§ 20-121.03
Identifying information confidential; separate addendum
§ 20-121.1
Reinstatement of suit
§ 20-121.2
Validation of absolute divorce granted where no decree from bed and board
§ 20-121.3
Validation of certain divorces granted prior to April 23, 1962
§ 20-121.4
Restoration of former name
§ 20-122
Advertising offer to obtain divorces
§ 20-123
§ 20-124
Sequestration of record