Code of Virginia

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Chapter 5.
Wildlife and Fish Laws
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  • Article 1.
    General Provisions
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  • § 29.1-500
    § 29.1-501
    Promulgation of regulations; publication of proposed regulations or change therein; validation; evidentiary nature of publication
    § 29.1-502
    Adoption of regulations
    § 29.1-503
    § 29.1-504
    Annual publication of laws and regulations
    § 29.1-505
    Penalty for violation of regulations
    § 29.1-505.1
    Conspiracy; penalty
    § 29.1-506
    Prescribing seasons and bag limits for taking fish and game
    § 29.1-507
    Closing or shortening open season
    § 29.1-508
    Board to prescribe seasons, bag limits and methods of taking and killing fish and game on lands and waters owned or controlled by Board
    § 29.1-508.1
    Use of drugs on vertebrate wildlife
    § 29.1-509
    Duty of care and liability for damages of landowners to hunters, fishermen, sightseers, etc.
  • Article 2.
    Hunting and Trapping
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  • § 29.1-510
    Big game; small game
    § 29.1-511
    Open season on nuisance species
    § 29.1-512
    Closed season on other species
    § 29.1-513
    Daily and season bag limits as promulgated by Board regulations
    § 29.1-514
    Nonmigratory game birds
    § 29.1-515
    Migratory game birds
    § 29.1-516
    Game animals
    § 29.1-516.1
    Using tracking dogs to retrieve bear, deer, or turkey
    § 29.1-516.2
    Hunting with dogs; dogs to wear tags
    § 29.1-517
    Trapping and shooting of fur-bearing animals during closed season
    § 29.1-518
    When killing of beaver permitted
    § 29.1-519
    Guns, pistols, revolvers, etc., which may be used; penalty
    § 29.1-520
    Times for hunting
    § 29.1-521
    Unlawful to hunt, trap, possess, sell, or transport wild birds and wild animals except as permitted; exception; penalty
    § 29.1-521.1
    Willfully impeding hunting or trapping; penalty
    § 29.1-521.2
    Violation of § 18.2-286 while hunting; revocation of license and privileges
    § 29.1-521.3
    Shooting wild birds and wild animals from stationary vehicles by disabled persons
    § 29.1-522
    Unlawful to kill male deer unless antlers visible above hair
    § 29.1-523
    Killing deer by use of certain lights; acts raising presumption of attempt to kill
    § 29.1-523.1
    Hunting deer with sights after dark; forfeiture of weapon and sighting device
    § 29.1-524
    Forfeiture of vehicles and weapons used for killing or attempt to kill
    § 29.1-525
    Employment of lights under certain circumstances upon places used by deer
    § 29.1-525.1
    Deer enclosures prohibited; exceptions; penalty
    § 29.1-525.2
    Fox and coyote enclosures prohibited; penalty
    § 29.1-526
    Counties and cities may prohibit hunting or trapping near primary and secondary highways
    § 29.1-527
    Counties, cities or towns may prohibit hunting near public schools and county, city, town or regional parks
    § 29.1-527.1
    Localities may prohibit feeding of migratory and nonmigratory waterfowl
    § 29.1-527.2
    Localities may prohibit feeding of deer
    § 29.1-528
    Board to develop model ordinances for hunting with firearms; counties or cities may adopt
    § 29.1-528.1
    Board to develop model ordinances for hunting with bow and arrow; counties or cities may adopt
    § 29.1-528.2
    Local tree stand ordinance; disabled hunter exempt
    § 29.1-529
    Killing of deer, elk or bear damaging fruit trees, crops, livestock, or personal property; wildlife creating a hazard to aircraft or motor vehicles
    § 29.1-530
    Open and closed season for trapping, bag limits, etc.
    § 29.1-530.1
    Solid blaze orange or solid blaze pink clothing required at certain times
    § 29.1-530.2
    Unlawfully killing bear; penalty
    § 29.1-530.3
    Remote hunting prohibited; penalty
    § 29.1-530.4
    Duty of certain entities to report hunting incidents
  • Article 3.
    Fishing Laws
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  • § 29.1-531
    Unlawful to take or attempt to take, possess, sell or transport fish except as permitted
    § 29.1-532
    Dams and fishways
    § 29.1-533
    Prohibition against use of substances injurious to fish
    § 29.1-534
    Right to fish in interjurisdictional inland waters
    § 29.1-535
    Reciprocal agreement as to fishing in such waters
  • Article 6.
    Endangered Species
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  • § 29.1-563
    § 29.1-564
    Taking, transportation, sale, etc., of endangered species prohibited
    § 29.1-565
    § 29.1-566
    § 29.1-567
    Penalties; authority of conservation police officers and police officers; disposition of property seized
    § 29.1-568
    When Board may permit taking of endangered or threatened species; designated experimental populations
    § 29.1-569
    Keeping of reptiles generally; penalty
    § 29.1-570
    Cooperation of state agencies