Code of Virginia

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Chapter 65.
Comprehensive Animal Care
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  • Article 1.
    General Provisions
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  • § 3.2-6500
    § 3.2-6501
    Regulations and guidelines
    § 3.2-6501.1
    Regulations for the keeping of certain animals
    § 3.2-6502
    State Veterinarian's power to inspect premises where animals are kept; investigations and search warrants
  • Article 2.
    Animal Welfare
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  • § 3.2-6503
    Care of companion animals by owner; penalty
    § 3.2-6503.1
    Care of agricultural animals by owner; penalty
    § 3.2-6504
    Abandonment of animal; penalty
    § 3.2-6504.1
    Civil immunity; forcible entry of motor vehicle to remove unattended companion animal
    § 3.2-6505
    Disposal of animals by means of decompression chamber and use of gas chamber for companion animals prohibited
    § 3.2-6506
    Exceptions regarding veterinarians
    § 3.2-6507
    Injured or sick animal; action by veterinarian
  • Article 3.
    Transportation and Sale of Animals
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  • § 3.2-6508
    Transporting animals; requirements; penalty
    § 3.2-6508.1
    Sale of dogs or cats prohibited in certain places
    § 3.2-6509
    Misrepresentation of animal's condition; penalties
    § 3.2-6509.1
    Disclosure of animal bite history; penalties
    § 3.2-6510
    Sale of unweaned or certain immature animals prohibited, vaccinations required for dogs and cats; penalty
    § 3.2-6511
    Failure of dealer or pet shop to provide adequate care; penalty; report
    § 3.2-6511.1
    Pet shops; procurement of dogs; penalty
    § 3.2-6511.2
    Dealers; importation and sale of dogs and cats; penalty
    § 3.2-6512
    Sale without pet dealer's animal history certificate violation of Consumer Protection Act; contents of certificate
    § 3.2-6513
    Inclusion of false or misleading statements in certificate violation of Consumer Protection Act
    § 3.2-6513.1
    Pet shops; posting of information about dogs
    § 3.2-6513.2
    Rental or lease of dog or cat prohibited; civil penalty
    § 3.2-6514
    Consumer remedies for receipt of diseased animal upon certification by veterinarian
    § 3.2-6515
    Written notice of consumer remedies required to be supplied by pet dealers
    § 3.2-6516
    Failure of pet dealer to effect registration after promise; violation of Consumer Protection Act; remedies; veterinary certification; finding of intestinal parasites; illness subsequent to sale
    § 3.2-6517
    Remedies cumulative
  • Article 4.
    Boarding Establishments and Groomers
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  • § 3.2-6518
    Boarding establishments and groomers; veterinary care requirements; consumer notification; penalty
    § 3.2-6519
    Written notice of consumer remedies required to be supplied by boarding establishments; penalty
    § 3.2-6520
    Procedure for animals left unclaimed with veterinarian or boarding establishment after public notice; lien; sale
  • Article 6.
    Authority of Local Governing Bodies
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  • § 3.2-6537
    Ordinances; penalties
    § 3.2-6537.1
    Cash bond for a pet shop obtaining certain dogs
    § 3.2-6538
    Governing body of any locality may prohibit dogs from running at large; civil penalty
    § 3.2-6539
    Ordinance requiring dogs to be kept on leash
    § 3.2-6540
    Dangerous dogs; investigation, summons, and hearing
    § 3.2-6540.01
    Obligations of officer and owner following dangerous dog finding
    § 3.2-6540.02
    Notice of dangerous dog finding; penalty
    § 3.2-6540.03
    Violation of law by owner of dangerous dog; penalty
    § 3.2-6540.04
    Subsequent attack or bite by dangerous dog; penalty
    § 3.2-6540.1
    Vicious dogs; penalties
    § 3.2-6541
    Authority to prohibit training of attack dogs
    § 3.2-6541.1
    Authority to prohibit ownership of particular breed
    § 3.2-6542
    Establishment of Dangerous Dog Registry
    § 3.2-6542.1
    Renewal of dangerous dog registration
    § 3.2-6542.2
    Dangerous dog fees; local fund
    § 3.2-6543
    Governing body of any locality may adopt certain ordinances
    § 3.2-6543.1
    Authority to enact parallel dangerous dog ordinance
    § 3.2-6544
    Regulation of keeping of animals and fowl
    § 3.2-6545
    Regulation of sale of animals procured from animal shelters
    § 3.2-6546
    County or city public animal shelters; confinement and disposition of animals; affiliation with foster care providers; penalties; injunctive relief
    § 3.2-6547
    Acceptance of animals for research or experimentation; prohibition
    § 3.2-6548
    Private animal shelters; confinement and disposition of animals; affiliation with foster care providers; penalties; injunctive relief
    § 3.2-6549
    Releasing agencies other than public or private animal shelters; confinement and disposition of companion animals; recordkeeping; affiliation with foster care providers; penalties
    § 3.2-6550
    Requirements for foster homes; penalty
    § 3.2-6551
    Notification by individuals finding companion animals; penalty
    § 3.2-6552
    Dogs killing, injuring, or chasing livestock or poultry
    § 3.2-6553
    Compensation for livestock and poultry killed by dogs
    § 3.2-6554
    Disposal of dead companion animals
  • Article 7.
    Animal Control Officers and Humane Investigators
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  • § 3.2-6555
    Position of animal control officer created
    § 3.2-6556
    Training of animal control officers
    § 3.2-6557
    Animal control officers and humane investigators; limitations; records; penalties
    § 3.2-6558
    Humane investigators; qualifications; appointment; term
    § 3.2-6559
    Powers and duties of humane investigators
    § 3.2-6560
    Expenses of humane investigators
    § 3.2-6561
    Revocation of appointment of humane investigators
    § 3.2-6562
    Capturing, confining, and euthanizing companion animals by animal control officers; approval of drugs used
    § 3.2-6562.1
    Rabies exposure; local authority and responsibility plan
    § 3.2-6562.2
    Rabies exposure reports
    § 3.2-6563
    When animals to be euthanized; procedure
  • Article 8.
    Search, Seizure, Impounding, and Enforcement
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  • § 3.2-6564
    Complaint of suspected violation; investigation
    § 3.2-6565
    Impoundment; expenses; lien; disposition of animal
    § 3.2-6566
    Preventing cruelty to animals; interference; penalty
    § 3.2-6567
    Enforcement authority
    § 3.2-6568
    Power of search for violations of statutes against cruelty to animals
    § 3.2-6569
    Seizure and impoundment of animals; notice and hearing; disposition of animal; disposition of proceeds upon sale
  • Article 10.
    Mandatory Sterilization of Dogs and Cats Adopted from Releasing Agencies
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  • § 3.2-6574
    Sterilization of adopted dogs and cats; enforcement; civil penalty
    § 3.2-6575
    Sterilization agreement
    § 3.2-6576
    Sterilization confirmation; civil penalty
    § 3.2-6577
    Notification concerning lost, stolen or dead dogs or cats; civil penalty
    § 3.2-6578
    § 3.2-6579
    Releasing agency; fees and deposits
    § 3.2-6580
    Civil penalties
  • Article 12.
    Miscellaneous Provisions
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  • § 3.2-6585
    Dogs and cats deemed personal property; rights relating thereto
    § 3.2-6585.1
    Duty to identify; scanning for microchip
    § 3.2-6586
    Dog injuring or killing other companion animals
    § 3.2-6587
    Unlawful acts; penalties
    § 3.2-6588
    Intentional interference with a guide or leader dog; penalty
    § 3.2-6589
    Selling garments containing dog or cat fur prohibited; penalty
    § 3.2-6590
    Jurisdiction of general district courts; right of appeal
  • Article 13.
    Animal Research
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  • § 3.2-6591
    § 3.2-6592
    Manufacturers and contract testing facilities required to use alternative test methods when available
    § 3.2-6592.1
    Breeding cats and dogs for experimental purposes
    § 3.2-6593
    Enforcement; civil action; penalty
    § 3.2-6593.1
    Animal testing facilities; adoption of dogs and cats
    § 3.2-6593.2
    Animal testing facilities; public notification