Code of Virginia

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Chapter 4.
Probation and Parole
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  • Article 2.
    State Probation and Parole Services
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  • § 53.1-141
    Division into probation and parole districts
    § 53.1-142
    Assignments of officers to districts
    § 53.1-143
    How officers authorized
    § 53.1-144
    Term of officers
    § 53.1-145
    Powers and duties of probation and parole officers
    § 53.1-146
    Use of officers as to persons convicted of local violations; payment of expenses
    § 53.1-147
    Compensation; expenses
    § 53.1-148
    Transfer of supervision from one probation officer to another
    § 53.1-149
    Arrest of probationer without warrant; written statement
    § 53.1-150
    Contributions by persons on parole, probation, and work release
    § 53.1-150.1
    Contribution by persons on parole
  • Article 3.
    Procedures Governing Parole
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  • § 53.1-151
    Eligibility for parole
    § 53.1-152
    Eligibility of persons sentenced for combinations of felony and misdemeanor offenses
    § 53.1-153
    Eligibility of persons sentenced to jails for more than twelve months
    § 53.1-154
    Times at which Virginia Parole Board to review cases
    § 53.1-154.1
    Authority of Director to recommend parole review; release upon review
    § 53.1-155
    Investigation prior to release; transition assistance
    § 53.1-155.1
    Participation in residential community program prior to final release
    § 53.1-156
    Period of parole; not counted as part of term
    § 53.1-157
    Parolees or felons serving a period of postrelease supervision to comply with terms; furnishing copies
    § 53.1-158
    Release of prisoner subject to parole
    § 53.1-159
    Mandatory release on parole
    § 53.1-160
    Notice to be given upon prisoner release, escape, etc.
    § 53.1-160.1
    Department to give notice of Sex Offender and Crimes Against Minors Registry requirements to certain prisoners
    § 53.1-161
    Arrest and return of parolee or felon serving a period of postrelease supervision; warrant; release pending adjudication of violation
    § 53.1-162
    Arrest of parolee or felon serving a period of postrelease supervision without warrant; written statement
    § 53.1-163
    Parolee considered as escapee after issuance of warrant
    § 53.1-164
    Procedure for return of parolee or felon serving a period of postrelease supervision
    § 53.1-165
    Revocation of parole or postrelease supervision; hearing; procedure for parolee or felon serving period of postrelease supervision in another state; appointment of attorney
    § 53.1-165.1
    Limitation on the application of parole statutes
  • Article 5.
    Virginia Model Interstate Parole and Probation Hearings Act
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  • § 53.1-168
    Procedure when reincarceration of out-of-state parolee or probationer should be considered
    § 53.1-169
    Who may hold hearings; procedures therefor
    § 53.1-170
    Rights of parolee or probationer at hearing
    § 53.1-171
    Record of hearing
    § 53.1-172
    Hearings for parolees, probationers or felons serving a period of postrelease supervision being supervised in another state
    § 53.1-173
    Preliminary hearings for out-of-state parolees in Virginia
    § 53.1-174
    Preliminary hearings by other states
    § 53.1-175
    Revocation of parole by Virginia
    § 53.1-176
    Revocation of parole by other states
  • Article 6.
    The Interstate Compact for the Supervision of Adult Offenders
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  • § 53.1-176.1
    Enactment of the Interstate Compact for the Supervision of Adult Offenders
    § 53.1-176.2
    Short title; Governor to execute; form of compact
    § 53.1-176.3
    Virginia State Council for Interstate Adult Offender Supervision