Code of Virginia

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Chapter 15.
Telegraph and Telephone Companies
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  • Article 1.
    Erection of Lines; Rights-of-Way; Eminent Domain, Etc.
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  • § 56-458
    Right to erect lines parallel to railroads; occupation of roads, streets, etc.; location of same
    § 56-458.1
    Relocation of lines or works of certain public utilities acquired by Commonwealth Transportation Board
    § 56-459
    Removal of old line not required by this chapter
    § 56-460
    How consent of appropriate authorities obtained; terms of use
    § 56-461
    Cost to Commonwealth in connection with construction of line to be paid by company
    § 56-462
    Franchise to occupy parks, streets, etc.; imposition of terms, conditions, etc., as to use of streets, etc., and construction thereon
    § 56-463
    Company may contract for right-of-way, etc.
    § 56-464
    Right of eminent domain
    § 56-465
    Preceding sections subject to repeal or change at pleasure
    § 56-466
    Location of posts, poles, cables and conduits; height of wires, etc.
    § 56-466.1
    Pole attachments; cable television systems and telecommunications service providers
    § 56-466.2
    Undergrounding existing overhead distribution lines; relocation of facilities of cable operator
    § 56-467
    Restoring condition of ground
    § 56-468
    Endangering life or limb by stringing wires across other works
    § 56-468.1
    (Contingent expiration -- see Editor's note) Public Rights-of-Way Use Fee
    § 56-468.2
    Reimbursement for relocation costs
  • Article 3.
    Supervision by Commission
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  • § 56-478
    § 56-478.1
    § 56-479
    Commission to make rules; require connection between companies; inspect lines and buildings
    § 56-479.1
    Long distance service; change of carriers; prior authorization
    § 56-479.2
    Anti-competitive acts; injunctive relief
    § 56-479.3
    Authorization and verification for products, goods, and services to be billed on a telephone bill
    § 56-479.4
    Designation of eligible telecommunications carrier for purposes of providing Lifeline service
    § 56-480
    Rates, etc., on file with Commission not to be questioned in courts; revision; proof
    § 56-480.1
    Time limit on institution of approved rates
    § 56-480.2
    Operator assistance at pay stations
    § 56-481
    § 56-481.1
    Rates, charges, and regulations for interexchange telephone service
    § 56-481.2
    Rates, charges and regulations for local exchange telephone services provided by new entrants
    § 56-482
    Agreements between telephone companies to be submitted to Commission
    § 56-482.1
    Reports required of interexchange telephone companies
    § 56-482.2
    § 56-483
    Refusal or neglect to make reports; obstructing Commission in discharge of duties; violations in general
    § 56-484
    Foreign companies to obtain license
  • Article 4.
    Extension and Reduction of Telephone Service
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  • § 56-484.1
    § 56-484.2
    Extension or reduction upon poll of certain subscribers
    § 56-484.3
    Powers of Commission not restricted; rules and regulations
  • Article 7.
    Enhanced Public Safety Telephone Services Act
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  • § 56-484.12
    § 56-484.12:1
    § 56-484.13
    9-1-1 Services Board; membership; terms; compensation
    § 56-484.14
    Powers and duties of the 9-1-1 Services Board
    § 56-484.15
    § 56-484.16
    Local emergency telecommunications requirements; text messages; use of digits "9-1-1."
    § 56-484.16:1
    PSAP dispatchers; training requirements
    § 56-484.17
    Wireless E-911 Fund; uses of Fund; enforcement; audit required
    § 56-484.17:1
    Collection of prepaid wireless E-911 charge at point of sale; rate established
    § 56-484.18
    Designation of official State Police access number; blocking caller identification prohibited