Administrative Code

Agency 15. Department of Wildlife Resources

Agency Summary
Chapter 10
Public Participation Guidelines
Chapter 20
Definitions and Miscellaneous: In General
Chapter 30
Definitions and Miscellaneous: Importation, Possession, Sale, etc., of Animals
Chapter 35
Birds: Incidental Take of Bird Species
Chapter 40
Game: In General
Chapter 50
Game: Bear
Chapter 60
Game: Beaver
Chapter 70
Game: Bobcat
Chapter 80
Game: Crow
Chapter 90
Game: Deer
Chapter 100
Game: Dove
Chapter 105
Game: Fisher.
Chapter 110
Game: Fox
Chapter 120
Game: Grouse
Chapter 130
Game: Mink
Chapter 140
Game: Muskrat
Chapter 150
Game: Nutria [Repealed]
Chapter 160
Game: Opossum
Chapter 170
Game: Otter
Chapter 180
Game: Pheasant
Chapter 190
Game: Quail
Chapter 200
Game: Rabbit and Hares
Chapter 210
Game: Raccoon
Chapter 220
Game: Skunk
Chapter 230
Game: Squirrel
Chapter 240
Game: Turkey
Chapter 250
Game: Falconry
Chapter 260
Game: Waterfowl and Waterfowl Blinds
Chapter 270
Game: Firearms
Chapter 275
Game: Hunter Education
Chapter 280
Game: Pelts and Furs
Chapter 290
Game: Permits
Chapter 300
Game: Weasel
Chapter 310
Game: Woodchuck [Repealed]
Chapter 320
Fish: Fishing Generally
Chapter 330
Fish: Trout Fishing
Chapter 340
Fish: Seines and Nets
Chapter 350
Fish: Gigs, Grab Hooks, Trotlines, Snares, Etc
Chapter 360
Fish: Aquatic Invertebrates, Amphibians, Reptiles, and Nongame Fish
Chapter 370
Watercraft: in General
Chapter 380
Watercraft: Motorboat Numbering
Chapter 390
Watercraft: Safe and Reasonable Operation of Vessels
Chapter 400
Watercraft: Accident and Casualty Reporting
Chapter 410
Watercraft: Boating Safety Education
Chapter 420
Watercraft: Navigation Lights and Shapes
Chapter 430
Watercraft: Safety Equipment Requirements
Chapter 440
Watercraft: Commercial Vessel Safety Equipment Requirements
Chapter 450
Watercraft: Commercial Parasail Operations

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