Administrative Code

Virginia Administrative Code

Title 20. Public Utilities And Telecommunications

Agency 5
State Corporation Commission
Chapter 10
In General
Chapter 11
Chapter 200
Public Utility Accounting
Chapter 201
Rules Governing Utility Rate Applications and Annual Informational Filings of Investor-Owned Water Utilities
Chapter 202
Regulations Governing the Functional Separation of Incumbent Electric Utilities under the Virginia Electric Utility Restructuring Act
Chapter 203
Regulations Governing the Separation of Regulated and Unregulated Businesses of Utility Consumer Services Cooperatives and Utility Aggregation Cooperatives
Chapter 204
Rules Governing Utility Rate Applications and Annual Informational Filings of Investor-Owned Electric Utilities
Chapter 205
Rules Governing Utility Rate Applications and Annual Informational Filings of Investor-Owned Gas Utilities
Chapter 210
Water or Wastewater Utility Applications Seeking Fair Valuation of Acquisitions of Municipal Water or Wastewater Systems
Chapter 300
Energy Regulation; in General
Chapter 301
Rules Governing the Use of Bidding Programs to Purchase Electricity from Other Power Suppliers
Chapter 302
Filing Requirements in Support of Applications for Authority to Construct and Operate an Electric Generating Facility
Chapter 303
Rules Governing Utility Promotional Allowances
Chapter 304
Rules Governing Cost/Benefit Measures Required for Demand-Side Management Programs
Chapter 305
Rules for Electricity and Natural Gas Submetering and for Energy Allocation Equipment
Chapter 306
Standards for Integrated Resource Planning and Investments in Conservation and Demand Management for Natural Gas [Repealed]
Chapter 307
Rules Governing the Safety of Master-Metered Natural Gas Systems
Chapter 308
Rules Governing the Safety of Intrastate Hazardous Liquid Pipeline Systems
Chapter 309
Rules for Enforcement of the Underground Utility Damage Prevention Act
Chapter 310
Rules for Filing an Application to Provide Electric and Gas Service under a Special Rate, Contract or Incentive
Chapter 311
Interim Rules Governing Electric and Natural Gas Retail Access Pilot Programs [Repealed]
Chapter 312
Rules Governing Retail Access to Competitive Energy Services
Chapter 313
Rules Governing Exemptions to Minimum Stay Requirements and Wires Charges
Chapter 314
Regulations Governing Interconnection of Small Electrical Generators and Storage
Chapter 315
Regulations Governing Net Energy Metering
Chapter 316
Regulations Governing Exemptions for Large General Services Customers under § 56-585.1 a 5 C of the Code of Virginia
Chapter 317
Rates for Standby Service Furnished to Certain Renewable Cogeneration Facilities Pursuant to § 56-235.1:1 of the Code of Virginia
Chapter 318
Rules Governing the Evaluation, Measurement, and Verification of the Effects of Utility-Sponsored Demand-Side Management Programs
Chapter 319
Regulations Governing Accelerated Renewable Energy Buyers
Chapter 320
Regulations Governing Transfer of Transmission Assets to Regional Transmission Entities
Chapter 325
Rules for Enforcement of § 56-257 of the Code of Virginia
Chapter 330
Limitations on Disconnection of Electric and Water Service
Chapter 335
Regulations Governing the Deployment of Energy Storage
Chapter 340
Rules Governing Shared Solar Program
Chapter 342
Rules Governing Multi-Family Shared Solar Program
Chapter 350
Rules Governing Exemptions for Large General Services Companies
Chapter 355
Rules Governing Operator's Responsibility to Redistribute Topsoil
Chapter 360
Licensed Professional Engineer to Exercise Responsible Charge over Certain Natural Gas Engineering Projects
Chapter 400
Chapter 401
Rules Governing the Provision of Network Interface Devices
Chapter 403
Rules Governing Small Investor-Owned Telephone Utilities
Chapter 405
Rules for Alternative Dispute Resolution Process
Chapter 407
Rules for Payphone Service and Instruments
Chapter 409
Rules Governing the Sharing or Resale of Local Exchange Service (Shared Tenant Service)
Chapter 411
Rules Governing the Certification of Interexchange Carriers
Chapter 413
Rules Governing Disconnection of Local Exchange Telephone Service
Chapter 414
Bad Check Charges and Late Payment Charges
Chapter 415
Rules Governing Telecommunications Relay Service [Repealed]
Chapter 417
Rules Governing the Certification and Regulation of Competitive Local Exchange Carriers
Chapter 419
Procedural Rules for Implementing §§ 251 and 252 of the Telecommunications Act of 1996, 47 Usc §§ 251 and 252
Chapter 421
Rules Governing Exemption from Providing Physical Collocation Pursuant to § 251(C)(6) of the Telecommunications Act of 1996
Chapter 423
Rules Governing the Discontinuance of Local Exchange Telecommunications Services Provided by Competitive Local Exchange Carriers
Chapter 425
Rules Governing Enhanced 911 (E-911) Service
Chapter 427
Rules for Local Exchange Telecommunications Company Service Quality Standards [Repealed]
Chapter 428
Rules Governing Local Exchange Telecommunications Carrier Retail Service Quality
Chapter 429
Rules Governing Compensation, Numbering, Interconnection, and Other Local Inter-Carrier Matters
Chapter 430
Rules Governing Designation of a Commercial Mobile Radio or Cellular Telephone Service Provider As an Eligible Telecommunications Carrier

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