Code of Virginia

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Chapter 54.
Electric Authorities Act
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§ 15.2-5400
Short title
§ 15.2-5401
Intent of General Assembly
§ 15.2-5402
§ 15.2-5403
Creation of electric authority; referendum
§ 15.2-5404
Articles of incorporation
§ 15.2-5405
Certificate of incorporation or charter; addition and withdrawal of members; board of directors; indemnification of directors, officers or employees
§ 15.2-5405.1
Applicability of personnel and procurement procedures to certain authorities
§ 15.2-5406
Rights, powers and duties of authority
§ 15.2-5406.1
Retail distribution of electric energy limited to certain authorities
§ 15.2-5406.2
Tort claims against certain authorities
§ 15.2-5407
Membership in more than one authority
§ 15.2-5408
Sale of power and energy, including capacity and output to member governmental units by authority; duration of contracts; source of payments; furnishing of money, property or services by member governmental units
§ 15.2-5409
Sale of capacity and output to nonmembers; limitations
§ 15.2-5410
Contents of agreement as to joint ownership of project; designation of party to agreement as agent for construction, operation and maintenance of project; powers and duties of agent
§ 15.2-5411
Contracts for planning, acquisition, construction, etc., of projects
§ 15.2-5412
Issuance of bonds by authority
§ 15.2-5413
Interim receipts and temporary bonds; lost, stolen and destroyed bonds
§ 15.2-5414
Bonds not debts of Commonwealth or member governmental unit
§ 15.2-5415
Security for bonds; trust agreement; bond resolution
§ 15.2-5416
Rents, rates, fees and other charges
§ 15.2-5417
Moneys received deemed trust funds
§ 15.2-5418
Bondholders' and trustees' remedies
§ 15.2-5419
Refunding bonds
§ 15.2-5420
Status of bonds under Uniform Commercial Code
§ 15.2-5421
Bonds as legal investments and lawful security
§ 15.2-5422
Bonds exempt from taxation
§ 15.2-5423
Payments in lieu of property taxes; license tax
§ 15.2-5423.1
Exemption from taxation for certain authorities
§ 15.2-5424
Transfer, etc., of property of political subdivisions upon request of authority
§ 15.2-5425
Eminent domain
§ 15.2-5426
Annual reports
§ 15.2-5427
Liability of members or officers
§ 15.2-5428
Dissolution of authority
§ 15.2-5429
Legislative consent to application of laws of other states
§ 15.2-5430
Provisions of chapter cumulative; construction
§ 15.2-5431
Provisions of chapter controlling over other statutes and charters