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Virginia Administrative Code
Title 1. Administration
Agency 30. Department of General Services

Chapter 45. Certification for Noncommercial Environmental LaboratoriesRead Chapter

Section 10
Section 20
Establishment of certification program
Section 30
Section 40
Section 50
Scope of certification
Section 60
General: certification requirements
Section 70
Process to apply and obtain certification
Section 80
Maintaining certification
Section 90
Notifications and changes to certification elements and status
Section 95
Suspension of certification
Section 100
Section 110
Procedures to deny certification or decertify a laboratory; appeal procedures
Section 120
Section 130
Section 140
Petitioning for a variance
Section 150
Section 160
Section 170
Section 180
Section 190
Section 200
Laboratory manager
Section 210
Quality assurance officer
Section 220
Laboratory personnel requirements and management responsibilities
Section 230
Absence of laboratory manager
Section 240
Section 250
Section 260
Section 270
Section 280
Section 290
Section 300
Frequency of on-site assessment
Section 310
Announced and unannounced on-site assessments
Section 320
Request for records
Section 330
Areas to be assessed
Section 340
National security considerations
Section 350
Arrival, admittance, and opening conference
Section 360
On-site laboratory records review and collection
Section 370
Observations of and interviews with laboratory personnel
Section 380
Closing conference
Section 390
Follow-up and reporting procedures.
Section 400
Documentation of on-site assessment
Section 410
Section 420
Section 430
Section 440
Section 450
Section 460
Section 470
Section 480
Section 490
Section 500
Laboratory enrollment in proficiency testing program
Section 510
Requirements for laboratory testing of PT study samples
Section 520
PT criteria for laboratory certification
Section 530
Section 540
Section 550
Section 560
Section 570
Section 580
Section 590
Section 600
Quality system
Section 610
Quality manual
Section 620
Section 630
Section 640
Recordkeeping system and design
Section 650
Records management and storage
Section 660
Required records
Section 670
Section 680
Subcontracting analytical samples
Section 690
Outside support services and supplies
Section 700
Section 710
Environment and work areas
Section 720
Equipment and reference materials
Section 730
Test methods and standard operating procedures
Section 740
Measurement traceability and calibration
Section 750
Quality assurance
Section 760
Quality control requirements
Section 770
Chemical testing: positive and negative controls
Section 771
Chemical testing: limit of detection and limit of quantitation
Section 772
Chemical testing: data reduction
Section 773
Chemical testing: quality of standards and reagents
Section 774
Chemical testing: selectivity
Section 775
Chemical testing: constant and consistent test conditions
Section 780
Section 781
Section 782
Section 783
Section 784
Section 785
Section 786
Section 787
Section 788
Section 789
Section 790
Microbiology testing: general
Section 791
Microbiology testing: sterility checks and blanks, positive and negative controls
Section 792
Microbiology testing: test variability and reproducibility
Section 793
Microbiology testing: method evaluation
Section 794
Microbiology testing: test performance
Section 795
Microbiology testing: data reduction
Section 796
Microbiology testing: quality of standards, reagents, and media
Section 797
Microbiology testing: selectivity
Section 798
Microbiology testing: constant and consistent test conditions
Section 800
Section 801
Section 802
Section 803
Section 804
Section 805
Section 806
Section 807
Section 808
Section 809
Section 810
Air testing: general
Section 811
Air testing: negative and positive controls
Section 812
Air testing: analytical variability/reproducibility
Section 813
Air testing: method evaluation
Section 814
Air testing: limit of detection
Section 815
Air testing: data reduction
Section 816
Air testing: quality of standards and reagents
Section 817
Air testing: selectivity
Section 818
Air testing: constant and consistent test conditions
Section 819
Section 820
Section 821
Section 822
Section 823
Section 824
Section 825
Section 826
Section 827
Section 828
Section 829
Section 830
Section 840
Section 850
Sample handling, sample acceptance policy, and sample receipt
Section 860
Laboratory report format and contents
FORMS (1VAC30-45)

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