Administrative Code

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Virginia Administrative Code
Title 9. Environment
Agency 20. Virginia Waste Management Board

Chapter 120. Regulated Medical Waste Management RegulationsRead Chapter

Section 10
Section 20
Section 30
Purpose of regulations
Section 40
Administration of regulations
Section 50
Applicability of regulations
Section 60
Section 70
Relationship to other bodies of regulation
Section 80
Purpose and scope
Section 90
Materials rendered nonregulated
Section 100
Recycled materials
Section 110
Documentation of claims that materials are not solid wastes or are conditionally exempt from regulation
Section 120
Exemptions to the regulations
Section 130
Section 140
Characteristics of regulated medical waste
Section 150
Lists of controlled regulated medical wastes
Section 160
Permit required
Section 170
Exemptions from permitting
Section 180
Persons qualifying for an on-site permit by rule
Section 190
Financial assurance requirements
Section 200
Responsibility for packaging and labeling
Section 210
Packaging prior to storage, treatment or transport
Section 220
Labeling requirements
Section 230
Etiological agents
Section 240
Section 250
Protection of packagers
Section 260
Special requirements for reusable containers
Section 270
Spill containment and cleanup kit
Section 280
Containment and cleanup procedures
Section 290
Closure requirements
Section 300
Methods of treatment and disposal
Section 310
Recordkeeping requirements
Section 320
Management of radioactive materials
Section 330
Section 340
Section 350
Section 360
Temperature control and storage period
Section 370
Drainage and ventilation
Section 380
Facilities for management of reusable carts or containers
Section 390
Container management
Section 400
Section 410
Section 420
Section 430
Temperature control and storage period
Section 440
Section 450
Packaging and labeling
Section 460
Management of spills of regulated medical waste
Section 470
Loading and unloading
Section 480
Section 490
Transport by mail
Section 500
Transport using reusable carts or containers
Section 510
Section 520
Section 530
Performance standards
Section 540
Analysis and management of the ash product; procedure; results and records; disposition of ash; ash storage
Section 550
Compliance with other parts of this chapter
Section 560
Unloading operations
Section 570
Section 580
Section 590
Performance standards
Section 600
Disposal of treated wastes
Section 610
Compliance with other parts of this chapter
Section 620
Section 630
Section 640
Performance standards
Section 650
Disposal of treated wastes
Section 660
Compliance with other parts of this chapter
Section 670
Section 680
Section 690
Applicability; exemptions from permit requirements; off-site permits by rule; experimental facility permits; variances
Section 700
Permit conditions
Section 710
Notice of intent
Section 720
Submission requirements
Section 730
Operational information
Section 740
Effect of the permit
Section 750
Closure care
Section 760
Recording and reporting required of a permittee
Section 770
Section 810
Amendment of permits
Section 820
Duration of permits
Section 830
Existing facilities qualifications
Section 840
Section 850
Application and conditions
Section 860
Effects of the decisions
Section 870
Submission of petition
Section 880
Petition processing
Section 890
Petition resolution
Section 900
Section 910
Criteria for microbial inactivation
Section 920
Representative of biological indicators
Section 930
Quantification of microbial inactivation
Section 940
Efficacy testing protocols
Section 950
Technology approval process
Section 960
Site approval process
Section 970
User verification
Section 980
Small medical waste treatment devices
Section 990
Waste residue disposal
Section 1000
Operator training
FORMS (9VAC20-120)

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