Code of Virginia

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Chapter 11.1.
Department of Environmental Quality
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  • Article 2.
    Environmental Impact Reports of State Agencies
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  • § 10.1-1188
    State agencies to submit environmental impact reports on major projects
    § 10.1-1188.1
    Department of Transportation to consider wildlife corridors
    § 10.1-1189
    Department to review report and make statement to Governor
    § 10.1-1190
    Approval of Governor required for construction of facility
    § 10.1-1191
    Development of procedures, etc., for administration of chapter
    § 10.1-1192
    Cooperation of state agencies
  • Article 3.
    Watershed Planning and Permitting Promotion and Coordination
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  • § 10.1-1193
    Watershed planning; watershed permitting; promotion and coordination
    § 10.1-1194
    Watershed Planning and Permitting Coordination Task Force created; membership; duties
    § 10.1-1195
    Watershed planning and permitting advisory panels
    § 10.1-1196
    Guiding definition and principles
    § 10.1-1197
    Cooperation of state agencies
  • Article 4.
    Small Business Environmental Compliance Assistance Fund
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  • § 10.1-1197.1
    § 10.1-1197.2
    Small Business Environmental Compliance Assistance Fund established; administration; collection of money
    § 10.1-1197.3
    Purposes of Fund; loans to small businesses; administrative costs
    § 10.1-1197.4
    Annual audit