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Virginia Administrative Code
Title 13. Housing
Agency 5. Department of Housing and Community Development

Chapter 51. Virginia Statewide Fire Prevention CodeRead Chapter

Section 10
Section 11
Chapter 1 Administration; Section 101 Scope
Section 20
Section 21
Section 102 Applicability
Section 30
Section 31
Section 103 Incorporation by reference
Section 40
Section 41
Section 104 Enforcement
Section 50
Section 51
Section 105 Enforcing agency
Section 60
Section 61
Section 106 Duties and powers of the fire official
Section 70
Section 71
Section 80
Section 81
Section 107 Permits and fees
Section 85
Section 108 Operational permits
Section 90
Section 91
Section 109 Inspection
Section 100
Section 101
Section 110 Unsafe conditions
Section 110
Section 111
Section 111 Violations
Section 120
Section 121
Section 112 Appeals
Section 129
Application of Part II
Section 130
IFC Section 202 Definitions
Section 131
IFC Chapter 3 General Requirements
Section 132
IFC Chapter 4 Emergency Planning and Preparedness
Section 133
IFC Chapter 5 Fire Service Features
Section 133.5
IFC Chapter 6 Building Services and Systems
Section 133.8
IFC Chapter 7 Fire and Smoke Protection Features
Section 134
IFC Chapter 8 Interior Finish, Decorative Materials, and Furnishings
Section 135
IFC Chapter 9 Fire protection systems
Section 135.5
IFC Chapter 10 Means of Egress
Section 136
Section 138
IFC Chapter 11 Construction Requirements for Existing Buildings
Section 138.4
IFC Chapter 20 Aviation Facilities
Section 138.8
IFC Chapter 21 Dry Cleaning
Section 139
IFC Chapter 22 Combustible Dust-Producing Operations
Section 140
IFC Chapter 23 Motor Fuel-Dispensing Facilities and Repair Garages
Section 140.5
IFC Chapter 24 Flammable Finishes
Section 141
IFC Chapter 25 Fruit and Crop Ripening
Section 141.5
IFC Chapter 26 Fumigation and Insecticidal Fogging
Section 142
IFC Chapter 27 Semiconductor Fabrication Facilities
Section 142.5
IFC Chapter 28 Lumber Yards and Agro-Industrial, Solid Biomass, and Woodworking Facilities
Section 143
Section 143.5
IFC Chapter 29 Manufacture of Organic Coatings
Section 144
IFC Chapter 30 Industrial Ovens
Section 144.2
IFC Chapter 31 Tents and Other Membrane Structures
Section 144.4
IFC Chapter 32 High-Piled Combustible Storage
Section 144.5
IFC Chapter 33 Fire Safety During Construction and Demolition
Section 144.6
IFC Chapter 34 Tire Rebuilding and Tire Storage
Section 144.7
IFC Chapter 35 Welding and Other Hot Work
Section 144.8
IFC Chapter 36 Marinas
Section 144.9
IFC Chapter 37 Combustible Fibers
Section 145
IFC Chapter 50 Hazardous Materials - General Provisions
Section 145.5
IFC Chapter 51 Aerosols
Section 146
Section 146.5
IFC Chapter 53 Compressed Gases
Section 147
IFC Chapter 54 Corrosive Materials
Section 147.5
IFC Chapter 55 Cryogenic Fluids
Section 150
IFC Chapter 56 Explosives and Fireworks
Section 151
IFC Chapter 57 Flammable and Combustible Liquids
Section 151.5
IFC Chapter 58 Flammable Gases and Flammable Cryogenic Fluids
Section 152
Section 152.5
IFC Chapter 59 Flammable Solids
Section 153
IFC Chapter 60 Highly Toxic and Toxic Materials
Section 154
IFC Chapter 61 Liquefied Petroleum Gases
Section 154.2
IFC Chapter 62 Organic Peroxides
Section 154.4
IFC Chapter 63 Oxidizers, Oxidizing Gases and Oxidizing Cryogenic Fluids
Section 154.5
Section 154.6
IFC Chapter 64 Pyrophoric Materials
Section 154.7
IFC Chapter 65 Pyroxylin (Cellulose Nitrate) Plastics
Section 154.8
IFC Chapter 66 Unstable (Reactive) Materials
Section 154.9
IFC Chapter 67 Water-Reactive Solids and Liquids
Section 155
IFC Chapter 80 Referenced Standards
Section 160
FORMS (13VAC5-51)

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