Code of Virginia

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Chapter 2.
Marriage Generally
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§ 20-13
License and solemnization required
§ 20-13.1
§ 20-13.2
Marriage lawful regardless of sex, gender, or race of parties
§ 20-14
By whom license to be issued
§ 20-14.1
Duration of license; issuance of additional licenses
§ 20-14.2
§ 20-15
Tax on license
§ 20-16
Issuance of marriage licenses and marriage certificates
§ 20-16.1
Clerk authorized to amend marriage records
§ 20-17
§ 20-20
Clerk to file license and certificate; indexing names of parties; certified copies as evidence
§ 20-21
Clerk to furnish attorney for the Commonwealth list of licenses not returned by minister
§ 20-22
Attorney for the Commonwealth to ascertain before circuit court name of minister failing to return certificates
§ 20-23
Order authorizing ministers to perform ceremony
§ 20-24
Penalty for failure to certify record of marriage
§ 20-25
Persons other than ministers who may perform rites
§ 20-26
Marriage between members of religious society having no minister
§ 20-27
Fee for celebrating marriage
§ 20-28
Penalty for celebrating marriage without license
§ 20-29
§ 20-30
Licenses of persons on federal reservations
§ 20-31
Belief of parties in lawful marriage validates certain defects
§ 20-31.1
When marriage legitimates children; issue of marriages prohibited by law, etc., legitimate
§ 20-32
§ 20-33
Penalty for clerk issuing license contrary to law
§ 20-34
§ 20-37
Validation of certain marriages when license issued by clerk of county court
§ 20-37.1
Validation of certain marriages solemnized outside of Commonwealth
§ 20-37.2