Code of Virginia

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Chapter 14.
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  • Article 1.
    Compulsory School Attendance
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  • § 22.1-254
    Compulsory attendance required; excuses and waivers; alternative education program attendance; exemptions from article
    § 22.1-254.01
    Certain students required to attend summer school or after-school sessions
    § 22.1-254.02
    Students transferring from a public school
    § 22.1-254.1
    Declaration of policy; requirements for home instruction of children
    § 22.1-254.2
    Testing for high school equivalency; eligibility; guidelines
    § 22.1-255
    Nonresident children
    § 22.1-256
    § 22.1-258
    Appointment of attendance officers; notification when pupil fails to report to school; plan; conference; court proceedings
    § 22.1-259
    Teachers to keep daily attendance records
    § 22.1-260
    Reports of children enrolled and not enrolled; nonattendance
    § 22.1-261
    Attendance officer to make list of children not enrolled; duties of attendance officer
    § 22.1-262
    Complaint to court when parent fails to comply with law
    § 22.1-263
    Violation constitutes misdemeanor
    § 22.1-264
    Misdemeanor to make false statements as to age
    § 22.1-264.1
    Misdemeanor to make false statements as to school division or attendance zone residency; penalty
    § 22.1-265
    Inducing children to absent themselves
    § 22.1-266
    Law-enforcement officers and truant children
    § 22.1-267
    Proceedings against habitually absent child
    § 22.1-268
    Duty of attorneys for the Commonwealth to prosecute cases arising under article; jurisdiction of offenses
    § 22.1-269
    Board to enforce
    § 22.1-269.1
    Alternative attendance programs
  • Article 2.
    Health Provisions
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  • § 22.1-270
    Preschool physical examinations
    § 22.1-271
    § 22.1-271.1
    § 22.1-271.2
    Immunization requirements
    § 22.1-271.3
    Guidelines for school attendance for children infected with human immunodeficiency virus; school personnel training required; notification of school personnel in certain cases
    § 22.1-271.4
    Health requirements for home-instructed, exempted, and excused children
    § 22.1-271.5
    Guidelines and policies and procedures on concussions in student-athletes
    § 22.1-271.6
    School division policies and procedures on concussions in students
    § 22.1-271.7
    Public middle school student-athletes; pre-participation physical examination
    § 22.1-271.8
    Sudden cardiac arrest prevention in student-athletes
    § 22.1-272
    Contagious and infectious diseases
    § 22.1-272.1
    Responsibility to contact parent of student at imminent risk of suicide; notice to be given to social services if parental abuse or neglect; Board of Education, in cooperation with the Department of Behavioral Health and Developmental Services and the Department of Health, to develop guidelines for parental contact
    § 22.1-272.2
    Department; model memorandum of understanding; partnerships with community mental health services providers
    § 22.1-273
    Vision and hearing of student to be tested; exceptions
    § 22.1-273.1
    Annual screening for scoliosis
    § 22.1-273.2
    Parent educational information regarding eating disorders
    § 22.1-273.3
    Parent educational information regarding tobacco and nicotine vapor products
    § 22.1-273.4
    Department of Education; guidance and resources; applied behavior analysis services
    § 22.1-274
    School health services
    § 22.1-274.01
    § 22.1-274.01:1
    Students who are diagnosed with diabetes; self-care; insertion and reinsertion of insulin pump
    § 22.1-274.02
    Certain memorandum of agreement required
    § 22.1-274.1
    Criteria to identify toxic art materials; labeling; use in certain grades prohibited
    § 22.1-274.2
    Possession and administration of inhaled asthma medications and epinephrine by certain students or school board employees
    § 22.1-274.3
    Policies regarding medication recommendations by school personnel
    § 22.1-274.4
    Public elementary and secondary schools; automated external defibrillators required
    § 22.1-274.5
    Topical sunscreen
    § 22.1-274.6
    Seizure management and action plan; training
    § 22.1-275
    Protective eye devices
    § 22.1-275.1
    School health advisory board
  • Article 5.
    Pupil Records
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  • § 22.1-287
    Limitations on access to records
    § 22.1-287.01
    Student information; release to federal government agencies
    § 22.1-287.02
    Students' personally identifiable information
    § 22.1-287.03
    Unique student identification numbers
    § 22.1-287.04
    Uniformed services-connected students
    § 22.1-287.1
    Directory information
    § 22.1-287.05
    Student identification cards; 988 Suicide and Crisis Lifeline; requirement
    § 22.1-288
    Furnishing information to public or private school or institution of higher education or private business or professional school or institution of higher education or military force
    § 22.1-288.1
    Notation in school records of missing children; local law-enforcement cooperation
    § 22.1-288.2
    Receipt, dissemination and maintenance of records of certain law-enforcement information
    § 22.1-289
    Transfer and management of scholastic records; disclosure of information in court notices; penalty
    § 22.1-289.01
    School service providers; school-affiliated entities; student personal information