Code of Virginia

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Chapter 11.
Bonds and Other Obligations
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§ 23.1-1100
§ 23.1-1101
Powers of institutions vested in majority of members of board; quorum
§ 23.1-1102
Purpose of institutions
§ 23.1-1103
Institutions; powers generally
§ 23.1-1104
Institutions; powers; projects and bonds
§ 23.1-1105
Institutions; powers; borrowing upon endowment and other investments
§ 23.1-1106
Bonds generally
§ 23.1-1107
Bondholders; remedies and trustees
§ 23.1-1108
Bonds mutilated, lost, or destroyed
§ 23.1-1109
Bonds and revenues; disposition
§ 23.1-1110
Bonds as legal investments
§ 23.1-1111
Bonds; prohibition against obligating Commonwealth
§ 23.1-1112
Bonds; interest
§ 23.1-1113
Bonds; surplus to be paid into state treasury
§ 23.1-1114
Projects; accounts to be kept by boards
§ 23.1-1115
Projects; exemption from taxation
§ 23.1-1116
Commonwealth not to limit revenues of institutions
§ 23.1-1117
Borrowing to purchase real estate
§ 23.1-1118
Discretion of Governor in granting or withholding consent or approval
§ 23.1-1119
Payment of interest on bonds of the Commonwealth held by public institutions of higher education and private institutions of higher education
§ 23.1-1120
Exchange and cancellation of consol coupon bonds of the Commonwealth
§ 23.1-1121
Certificates of indebtedness
§ 23.1-1122
Provisions of chapter to control