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Virginia Administrative Code
Title 12. Health
Agency 30. Department of Medical Assistance Services

Chapter 110. Eligibility and AppealsRead Chapter

Section 10
Section 20
Appeals Division
Section 30
Time limitation for appeals
Section 35
Expedited appeals
Section 40
Judicial review
Section 50
Right to representation
Section 60
Designation of representative
Section 70
Notification of adverse agency action
Section 80
Advance notice
Section 90
Right to appeal
Section 100
Maintaining services
Section 110
Appeals Division records
Section 120
Computation of time limits
Section 130
Request for appeal
Section 140
Place of filing a Request for Appeal
Section 150
Filing date
Section 160
Time limit for filing
Section 170
Extension of time for filing
Section 180
Provision of information
Section 190
Section 200
Medical assessment
Section 210
Prehearing action
Section 220
Evidentiary hearings
Section 230
Scheduling and rescheduling
Section 240
Section 250
Section 260
Section 270
Section 280
Client access to records
Section 285
Appeals Division access to agency records
Section 290
Section 300
Role of the hearing officer
Section 310
Informality of hearings
Section 320
Section 330
Record of hearing
Section 340
Oath or affirmation
Section 350
Dismissal of Request for Appeal
Section 360
Post-hearing supplementation of the record
Section 370
Final decision and transmission of the hearing record
Section 380
Section 390
Section 610
Section 620
Availability of real or personal property
Section 630
Income-producing real property other than the home for aged, blind and disabled individuals
Section 640
Section 650
Deeming of income and resources; responsibility of spouses
Section 660
Deeming of income and resources; responsibility of parents for blind or disabled children
Section 670
Aid to Dependent Children (ADC) Related Medically Needy Individuals
Section 680
Section 690
Imposition of lien
Section 700
Transfer of assets
Section 710
Undue hardship; transfer of resources
Section 720
Section 730
Section 740
Section 741
Resource assessment required
Section 744
Resource assessment initiated
Section 747
Total resources
Section 750
Notification of documentation required
Section 751
Spousal share
Section 760
Failure to provide documentation
Section 770
Notification of assessment and appeal rights
Section 780
Appeal of resource assessment
Section 790
Section 800
Initial eligibility determinations
Section 810
Initial determinations of ineligibility
Section 813
Attribution of resources at the time of initial eligibility determination
Section 815
Spousal protected resource amounts
Section 820
Section 830
Additional resource exclusions
Section 831
Undue hardship
Section 840
Separate treatment of resources after eligibility for benefits established
Section 850
Post-eligibility resource transfers
Section 853
Community spouse resource allowance
Section 856
Revisions to the community spouse resource allowance
Section 860
Protected periods of eligibility
Section 870
Exception to protected period of eligibility
Section 880
Additional resources acquired during protected period of eligibility
Section 890
Section 900
Resource eligibility determinations in retroactive months
Section 910
Eligibility for community spouses and other family members
Section 920
Section 921
Treatment of income
Section 930
Determining income
Section 940
Section 950
Mandatory deductions from institutionalized spouse's income
Section 960
Community spouse income allowance
Section 970
Family members maintenance needs allowance
Section 980
Applicability, notices and regulatory authority
Section 990
Section 1000
Section 1010
Hearing officer authority
Section 1011
Appealable issues
Section 1020
Section 1030
Income eligibility
Section 1040
Spenddown calculation
Section 1050
Required deductions based on kinds of services
Section 1060
Required deductions based on the age of bills
Section 1070
Projection of expenses
Section 1080
Projection of institutional care expenses
Section 1090
Section 1100
Individuals and families with income below the MNIL
Section 1110
Section 1120
Section 1130
Section 1140
Spenddown entitlement
Section 1150
Qualified Medicaid Beneficiaries
Section 1160
Retroactive spenddown; countable income; entitlement date
Section 1170
Section 1200
Section 1210
Section 1220
Scope of coverage
Section 1230
Written notice and reporting requirements
Section 1240
Section 1300
Section 1350
Section 1360
Right to apply
Section 1370
Applicant's signature
Section 1380
Authorized representative for individual age 18 or older
Section 1390
Authorized representative for children under 18 years of age
Section 1400
Authorized representative for a deceased applicant
Section 1410
Persons prohibited from signing an application
Section 1500
Working individuals with disabilities; basic coverage group (Ticket to Work and Work Incentive Improvement Act (TWWIIA))
Section 1600
12VAC30-110-1600. (Reserved).
Section 1610
Deemed newborn eligibility under FAMIS.
Section 1620
Coverage of former foster care youth

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