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Virginia Administrative Code
Title 12. Health
Agency 5. Department of Health

Chapter 610. Sewage Handling and Disposal RegulationsRead Chapter

Section 10
Section 20
Purpose of regulations
Section 30
Relationship to other regulations
Section 40
Administration of regulations
Section 50
Sewage Handling and Disposal Advisory Committee
Section 60
The State Health Department Sewage Handling and Disposal Appeals Review Board
Section 70
Grandfather clause
Section 75
Permits valid on the effective date of this chapter
Section 80
Sewerage systems and/or treatment works required
Section 90
Section 100
Right of entry
Section 110
Section 120
Section 130
Compliance with Virginia Administrative Process Act
Section 140
Section 160
Emergency order or rule
Section 170
Enforcement of regulations
Section 180
Section 190
Section 200
Hearing types
Section 210
Request for hearing
Section 220
Hearing as a matter of right
Section 230
Section 240
Permits; general
Section 250
Procedures for obtaining a construction permit for a sewage disposal system
Section 255
Certification letters
Section 260
Requirements for the submission of formal plans, specifications and other data
Section 270
Approval of formal plans
Section 280
Issuance of the construction permit
Section 290
Denial of a construction permit
Section 300
Voidance, revalidation, and revocation of construction permits with and without conditions
Section 310
Revisions of approved plans
Section 320
Inspection and correction
Section 330
Inspections of private evaluations and designs and reports required upon completion of construction
Section 340
Issuance of the operation permit
Section 350
Failure of a sewage disposal system
Section 360
Review of subdivision plats for individual sewage disposal systems when required by local ordinance
Section 370
Section 380
Procedures for obtaining a sewage handling permit
Section 390
Issuance of sewage handling permit
Section 400
Revocation of sewage handling permits
Section 410
Special permits for pump and haul of sewage
Section 420
Procedure for obtaining a pump and haul permit
Section 430
Issuance of a construction permit for storage facilities associated with the pump and haul of sewage
Section 440
Issuance of the special pump and haul permit
Section 441
Special permits for experimental methods, process and equipment
Section 442
Provisionally approved systems; overview
Section 443
Applying for provisional approval
Section 444
Evaluation process for provisional system applications
Section 445
Section 446
Permits for constructing and operating provisionally approved systems
Section 447
Evaluation period for provisionally approved systems
Section 448
General approval of provisionally approved systems
Section 450
Section 460
Site and structure identification
Section 470
Physical features
Section 480
Soil profiles and patterns
Section 490
Characteristics of soils that determine suitability
Section 500
Availability of suitable soils
Section 510
Section 560
Sewage handling; general
Section 570
Section 580
Septage management; general
Section 590
Acceptable disposal sites
Section 591
Section 592
Setback distances
Section 593
Physical features
Section 594
In-ground systems
Section 596
Shallow-placed systems
Section 597
Fill systems
Section 598
Section 599
Permanent pumping and hauling
Section 599.1
Emergency pumping and hauling
Section 599.2
Temporary pumping and hauling
Section 599.3
Permanent pump and haul
Section 600
Section 610
Section 620
Section 630
Procedures for entry into or withdrawal from a Soil Drainage Management Contract (SDMC)
Section 640
Minimum standards for Soil Drainage Management Plans
Section 650
Department procedures relating to subsurface soil absorption system applications in SDMC counties and cities
Section 660
Section 670
Sewage flows
Section 680
Water saving plumbing devices
Section 690
Recycle and reuse systems
Section 700
Site preparation and alteration
Section 710
Reserve absorption area sites
Section 720
Section 730
Minimum size
Section 740
Section 750
Section 760
Sewer appurtenances
Section 770
Sewer construction
Section 780
Section 790
Section 800
Aerobic biological systems
Section 810
Anaerobic biological systems
Section 815
Septic tank design
Section 817
Section 820
Section 830
Section 850
Section 860
Conveyance methods
Section 870
Gravity effluent mains
Section 880
Section 890
Section 900
Section 910
Section 920
Distribution methods
Section 930
Gravity distribution
Section 940
Low pressure distribution
Section 950
Absorption area design
Section 955
Drip dispersal
Section 960
Elevated sand mound
Section 965
Section 970
Section 980
Section 990
Section 1000
Section 1010
Section 1020
Section 1030
Vehicle identification
Section 1040
Sewage containment vessel (tank)
Section 1050
Section 1060
Section 1070
Section 1080
Anaerobic lagooning of septage
Section 1090
Lime stabilization of septage
Section 1100
Storage facilities for unstabilized septage
Section 1110
Section 1120
Section 1130
Section 1140
Section 1150
Section 1160
Section 1170
Section 1170:1
APPENDIX F. Field Guide to Soil Texture Classes
Section 1170:2
APPENDIX G. Percolation Test Procedure and Percolation Test Data Forms
Section 1170:3
APPENDIX H. Land Disposal Criteria
Section 1170:4
APPENDIX I. Buffer Zones
Section 1170:5
APPENDIX J. Sludge Dewatering
Section 1170:6
APPENDIX K. Map of Physiographic Provinces
Section 1170:7
APPENDIX L. Suggested Scale and Contour Interval for Subdivision Plats
FORMS (12VAC5-610)

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