Code of Virginia

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Chapter 21. Real Estate Brokers, Sales Persons and Rental Location AgentsRead Chapter

  • Article 1. Regulation of Real Estate Brokers, Salespersons and Rental Location AgentsRead all
  • § 54.1-2100
    § 54.1-2101
    Real estate salesperson defined
    § 54.1-2101.1
    Preparation of real estate contracts by real estate licensees; translation
    § 54.1-2102
    § 54.1-2103
    Exemptions from chapter
    § 54.1-2104
    Real Estate Board; membership; chairman; seal
    § 54.1-2105
    General powers of Real Estate Board; regulations; educational and experience requirements for licensure
    § 54.1-2105.01
    Educational requirements for all salespersons within one year of licensure
    § 54.1-2105.02
    Regulation of real estate education providers and courses
    § 54.1-2105.03
    Continuing education; relicensure of brokers and salespersons
    § 54.1-2105.04
    Education requirements; reactivation of licenses; waiver
    § 54.1-2105.1
    Other powers and duties of the Real Estate Board
    § 54.1-2105.2
    Cease and desist orders for unlicensed activity; civil penalty
    § 54.1-2106
    § 54.1-2106.1
    Licenses required
    § 54.1-2106.2
    Certification of audit on renewal of firm or sole proprietorship license
    § 54.1-2107
    Certain action to constitute real estate broker or salesperson
    § 54.1-2108
    Protection of escrow funds, etc., held by broker
    § 54.1-2108.1
    Protection of escrow funds, etc., held by a real estate broker in the event of foreclosure of real property; required deposits
    § 54.1-2108.2
    Protection of escrow funds, etc., held by a real estate broker in the event of termination of a real estate purchase contract
    § 54.1-2109
    Death or disability of a broker
    § 54.1-2110
    Resident broker to maintain place of business in Virginia
    § 54.1-2110.1
    Duties of supervising broker
    § 54.1-2111
    Consent to suits and service of process by nonresidents; manner of service
    § 54.1-2111.1
    Voluntary compliance program; real estate brokers
  • Article 2. Virginia Real Estate Transaction Recovery ActRead all
  • § 54.1-2112
    § 54.1-2113
    Establishment and maintenance of fund, duty of Director, assessments of regulants
    § 54.1-2114
    Recovery from fund generally
    § 54.1-2115
    § 54.1-2116
    Limitations upon recovery from fund; certain actions not a bar to recovery
    § 54.1-2117
    Participation by Board in proceedings
    § 54.1-2118
    Payment of claim; assignment of claimant's rights to Board
    § 54.1-2119
    Revocation of license of regulant upon payment from fund
    § 54.1-2120
    No waiver by Board of disciplinary action against regulant
  • Article 3. Duties of Real Estate Brokers and SalespersonsRead all
  • § 54.1-2130
    § 54.1-2131
    Licensees engaged by sellers
    § 54.1-2132
    Licensees engaged by buyers
    § 54.1-2133
    Licensees engaged by landlords to lease property
    § 54.1-2134
    Licensees engaged by tenants
    § 54.1-2135
    Licensees engaged to manage real estate
    § 54.1-2136
    Preconditions to brokerage relationship
    § 54.1-2137
    Commencement and termination of brokerage relationships
    § 54.1-2138
    Disclosure of brokerage relationship in residential real estate transactions
    § 54.1-2138.1
    Limited service agent in a residential real estate transaction, contract disclosure required
    § 54.1-2139
    Disclosed dual agency and dual representation authorized in a residential real estate transaction
    § 54.1-2139.01
    Disclosed dual agency and dual representation in commercial real estate transactions authorized
    § 54.1-2139.1
    Designated standard agency or designated representation authorized in a residential real estate transaction
    § 54.1-2139.2
    § 54.1-2140
    Compensation shall not imply brokerage relationship
    § 54.1-2141
    Brokerage relationship not created by using common source information company
    § 54.1-2142
    Liability; knowledge not to be imputed
    § 54.1-2142.1
    Liability for false information
    § 54.1-2143
    Real estate board regulations to be consistent
    § 54.1-2144
    Common law abrogated
    § 54.1-2145
    Article does not limit antitrust laws
    § 54.1-2146
    Licensee maintenance of records