Code of Virginia

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Chapter 18.
Executions and Other Means of Recovery
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  • Article 1.
    Issue and Form; Motion to Quash
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  • § 8.01-466
    Clerk to issue fieri facias on judgment for money
    § 8.01-467
    What writs may not issue
    § 8.01-468
    Executions against corporations
    § 8.01-469
    Executions on joint judgments
    § 8.01-470
    Writs on judgments for specific property
    § 8.01-471
    Time period for issuing writs of eviction in unlawful entry and detainer; when returnable
    § 8.01-472
    Writs on judgments for personal property
    § 8.01-473
    Judgment for benefit of other person than plaintiff; remedies of such person
    § 8.01-474
    What writ of fieri facias to command
    § 8.01-475
    Subsequent executions
    § 8.01-476
    New execution after loss of property sold under indemnifying bond
    § 8.01-477
    When executions may be quashed; how proceedings thereon stayed
    § 8.01-477.1
    Claims of exemption from execution
  • Article 3.
    Return and Venditioni Exponas
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  • § 8.01-483
    Return of officer on fieri facias; statement filed therewith
    § 8.01-484
    When writ may be destroyed
    § 8.01-485
    When venditioni exponas may issue; proceedings thereon
    § 8.01-486
    Procedure when officer taking property under execution dies before sale
  • Article 4.
    Enforcement Generally
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  • § 8.01-487
    Officer to endorse on fieri facias time of receiving it
    § 8.01-487.1
    Officer to leave copy of writ where levy made
    § 8.01-488
    When several writs of fieri facias, how satisfied
    § 8.01-489
    Growing crops, not severed, not liable to distress or levy
    § 8.01-490
    No unreasonable distress or levy; sustenance provided for livestock; removal of property
    § 8.01-491
    Officer may break open dwelling house and levy on property in personal possession of debtor
    § 8.01-492
    Sale of property
    § 8.01-493
    Adjournment of sale
    § 8.01-494
    Resale of property if purchaser fails to comply; remedy against such purchaser
    § 8.01-495
    When money received by officer under execution to be repaid to debtor
    § 8.01-496
    Officer not required to go out of his jurisdiction to pay over money
    § 8.01-497
    Suit by officer to recover estate on which fieri facias is lien
    § 8.01-498
    Selling officers and employees not to bid or to purchase
    § 8.01-499
    Officer receiving money to make return thereof and pay net proceeds; commission, etc.
    § 8.01-500
    Officer receiving money to notify person entitled to receive it
  • Article 5.
    Lien on Property Not Capable of Being Levied on
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  • § 8.01-501
    Lien of fieri facias on estate of debtor not capable of being levied on
    § 8.01-502
    Person paying debtor not affected by lien unless notice given
    § 8.01-502.1
    Serving notice of lien on financial institution
    § 8.01-503
    Withholding of wages or salary not required by preceding sections unless garnishment process served
    § 8.01-504
    Penalty for service of notice of lien when no judgment exists
    § 8.01-505
    When lien acquired on intangibles under § 8.01-501 ceases
  • Article 6.
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  • § 8.01-506
    Proceedings by interrogatories to ascertain estate of debtor; summons; proviso; objections by judgment debtor
    § 8.01-506.1
    Production of book accounts or other writing compelled
    § 8.01-506.2
    Proceedings in court of county or city where execution debtor resides
    § 8.01-507
    Conveyance or delivery of property disclosed by interrogatories
    § 8.01-507.1
    Interrogatories, answers, etc., to be returned to court
    § 8.01-508
    How debtor may be arrested and held to answer
    § 8.01-509
    Order for sale and application of debtor's estate
    § 8.01-510
    Sale, collection and disposition of debtor's estate by officer
  • Article 7.
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  • § 8.01-511
    Institution of garnishment proceedings
    § 8.01-511.1
    Garnishee inability to determine whether it holds property of judgment debtor
    § 8.01-512
    § 8.01-512.2
    Fee for garnishee-employers
    § 8.01-512.3
    Form of garnishment summons
    § 8.01-512.4
    Notice of exemptions from garnishment and lien
    § 8.01-512.5
    Hearing on claim of exemption from garnishment
    § 8.01-513
    (Effective until January 1, 2025) Service upon corporation or limited liability company
    § 8.01-513
    (Effective January 1, 2025) Service upon corporation, limited liability company, limited partnership, or financial institution
    § 8.01-514
    When garnishment summons returnable
    § 8.01-515
    How garnishee examined; determining exemption from employee's withholding certificate; amount due pursuant to exemptions in § 34-29 (a)
    § 8.01-516
    § 8.01-516.1
    Garnishment dispositions
    § 8.01-517
    Exemption of portion of wages; payment of excess into court
    § 8.01-518
    When garnishee is personal representative of decedent
    § 8.01-519
    Proceedings where garnishee fails to appear or answer, or to disclose his liability
    § 8.01-520
    Payment, etc., by garnishee before return of summons
    § 8.01-521
    Judgments as to costs
    § 8.01-522
    Wages and salaries of State employees
    § 8.01-523
    Service upon federal government
    § 8.01-524
    Wages and salaries of city, town and county officials, clerks and employees
    § 8.01-525
    Who are officers and employees of cities, towns and counties