1947 Uncodified Acts Regular Session

1947 Virginia Uncodified Acts

1947 Regular Session

Chapter 8 (SB 22)
An ACT to constitute the town of Kilmarnock in Lancaster County a separate school district for the purpose of representation on the county school board of the county; to require the trustee electoral board of the county to appoint a member of the county school board from the town; and to provide what compensation such member shall receive; and to repeal Chapter 52, Acts of Assembly of 1933, approved September 12, 1933 and any amendments thereof, relating to the same subject matter.
Chapter 18 (SB 6)
An ACT to make it unlawful for owners of certain dogs to permit such dogs to run or roam at large in Russell County or Washington County without a license tag securely fastened to a substantial collar.
Chapter 26 (SB 19)
An ACT to amend and re-enact Section 3, as amended, of Chapter 181 of the Acts of Assembly of 1932, approved March 22, 1932, the act and section relating to school indebtedness and levies for free public schools in Washington county.
Chapter 33 (SB 36)
An ACT to authorize the governing bodies of certain counties to permit the hunting and killing of foxes in such counties at any time, and to pay a bounty for any fox so killed.
Chapter 36 (HB 2)
An ACT to authorize the governing bodies of certain counties and towns to make gifts and donations of property, real or personal, and of money, to certain associations and institutions, and to repeal Chapter 31 of the Acts of Assembly of 1946, approved February 21, 1946, relating to the same subjects.
Chapter 37 (HB 3)
An ACT to authorize the governing bodies of the county of Orange and the town of Orange to appropriate county and town funds, respectively, for the purchase or erection and maintenance of a memorial to certain veterans.
Chapter 40 (HB 8)
An ACT to provide for the development, use and maintenance of a war memorial in the city of Harrisonburg, Virginia, and to that end to authorize and empower, the city of Harrisonburg, Virginia, and the school board of such city to contract with each other and with certain associations in relation to a certain athletic field as a memorial; to prescribe the rights, powers, duties, and obligations of the parties to, and accepted for, such memorial and to prescribe how same shall be disposed of; and to authorize the city to provide for the use of such memorial.
Chapter 42 (HB 11)
An ACT to make it unlawful to fish on Sunday in certain waters in Surry County.
Chapter 47 (HB 17)
An ACT to amend and re-enact Section 6 of Chapter 173 of the Acts of Assembly of 1946, approved March 12, 1946, relating to the appropriation of funds by certain counties, cities and towns for the use of the Grand View State Park Commission, and prescribing how such finds may be raised by bond issues.
Chapter 49 (HB 22)
An ACT to provide for acquisition of certain property as Claytor State Park; to authorize the Virginia Conservation Commission to take over and operate same; to authorize the Commission to accept property for use in establishing and operating such park; and to make an appropriation.
Chapter 56 (HB 34)
An ACT to provide for regulation of dogs running at large or chasing deer in the county of Smyth and to provide certain penalties.

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