1959 Uncodified Acts Special Session

1959 Virginia Uncodified Acts

1959 Special Session I

Chapter 5 (H 4)
An Act to authorize the Governor to execute, on behalf of the Commonwealth, a certain compact with the State of Maryland, said compact relating to the conservation and improvement of the fishery resources of the tidewater portion of the Potomac River; to the establishment of The Potomac River Fisheries Commission
Chapter 6 (H 8)
An Act to make it unlawful for any person to obtain, seek to obtain, expend, or seek to expend, any educational tuition grant for any purpose other than the education of the child for which such grant is sought or obtained, and to provide the punishment therefor
Chapter 8 (H 12)
An Act to proclaim May 1, 1959, a legal holiday in Faquier County, Virginia
Chapter 18 (H 26)
An Act to authorize the governing bodies of certain counties and towns to make expenditures from county and town general funds in connection with providing sources of public water supply
Chapter 19 (H 28)
An Act so as to empower the governing body of Russell County to set the open season to gig non-game fish in certain waters in such county
Chapter 24 (H 79)
An Act to change the names of the Chesapeake Bay Ferry District and Commission to the Bridge and Tunnel District and Tunnel Commission, respectively, and to prescribe the maximum rate of interest and interest cost on certain bonds
Chapter 26 (S 16)
An Act to authorize the Governor to sell and convey certain real estate situated in the City of Hampton
Chapter 27 (S 29)
An Act to authorize the school board of the county of Dickenson to purchase and operate a bus for the transportation of students to Clinch Valley College
Chapter 29 (HB 74)
An Act relating to prohibition of hunting of migratory waterfowl from floating blinds in certain counties and prescribing penalties.
Chapter 32 (S 22)
An Act to authorize school boards to close the public schools in any school district whenever the orderly administration of the educational process is disrupted or disturbed because of the use of military forces to prevent violence or disorder in such district
Chapter 37 (H 63)
An Act to authorize the State Board of Education to convey certain land
Chapter 44 (H 43)
An Act to establish and provide for thet marking of the boundary line between Alleghany County, Virginia, and Monroe County, West Virginia
Chapter 49 (S 19)
An Act to permit school boards to provide transportation for children attending nonsectarian private schools
Chapter 50 (S 21)
An Act to permit teachers to repay State scholarships by teaching in non-sectarian private schools
Chapter 56 (H 45)
An Act to provide for the assessment and equalization of assessments of real estate in certain cities
Chapter 60 (H 59)
An Act to constitute the Clinch Valley College and the Northern Virginia branch college, respectively, as divisions of the University of Virginia adn to provide for the control and management thereof
Chapter 68 (S 20)
An Act to permit a referendum to be held in any county, city or town constituting a separate school district, to determine if specific real or personal school properties are needed for public purposes
Chapter 71 (H 50)
An Act to require the State Board of Education to adopt rules and regulations for the placement of pupils in the public schools
Chapter 72 (H 68)
An Act to enable counties, cities and certain towns in certain cases and under certain circumstances to provide for the compulsory attendance of children between the ages of seven and sixteen upon the public schools of this State and to provide penalties for violations
Chapter 80 (S 31)
An Act to authorize any person, firm or corporation to use any existing building for the purpose of operating a private elementary or high school notwithstanding the provisions of any other statute, city charter, or ordinance
Chapter 93 (S 17)
An Act to prescribe the conditions for the expenditure of certain public funds heretofore appropriated

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