1971 Uncodified Acts Regular and Special Session

1971 Virginia Uncodified Acts

1971 Regular Session

Chapter 136 (H 160)
An Act to provide that the Commonwealth of Virginia, through the Division of Parks of the Department of Conservation and Economic Development, shall be authorized to enter into such agreements and to acquire such interests as may be necessary to establish, protect and maintain the Appalachian Trail

1971 Special Session I

Chapter 53 (S 66)
An Act to appropriate funds available under Section 903 of the Social Security Act, as amended, for the erection of an addition to a building and for required improvements
Chapter 54 (S 83)
An Act authorizing the Governor to exchange certain real estate in the city of Chesapeake now standing in the name of the Commonwealth, Department of Mental Hygiene and Hospitals
Chapter 114 (H 107)
An Act relating to the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Regulation Compact, so as to provide how the expenses of the Commission shall be allocated
Chapter 123 (H150)
An Act to provide for the creation of a bird sanctuary within certain areas in Henrico County
Chapter 134 (H 117)
An Act relating to the Peninsula Airport Commission
Chapter 142 (S 108)
An Act to authorize the Governor to grant easements and rights of way to the Board of Supervisors of Stafford County
Chapter 147 (H 145)
An Act to authorize the issuance of Commonwealth of Virginia Higher Educational Institutions Bonds for paying the cost of acquiring or constructing revenue producing capital projects at institutions of higher learning of the Commonwealth
Chapter 148 (H 146)
An Act to provide for the designation of a Secretary, designated by the Governor, of the State Treasury Board, authorize payment of his salary and appropriate funds therefor
Chapter 151 (H 157)
An Act to create a commission to continue a study begun by the Virginia Advisory Legislative Council in 1968, concerning the disposal of solid wastes and to appropriate funds
Chapter 167 (H 75)
An Act to validate the nineteen hundred seventy referendum in Prince William County on a change in the form of government
Chapter 178 (H 125)
An Act relating to the Weber City Sanitation Commission
Chapter 184 (H 151)
An Act to appropriate funds for certain public purposes
Chapter 195 (H 188)
An Act to prohibit certain persons from divulging information or other matters concerning tax returns; providing penalties for violating
Chapter 215 (S 103)
An Act to cancel and annul the State capitation tax assessable for the calander year 1971 and to relieve officers and employees of the Commonwealth and of counties and cities from duties relating to the assessment and collection of such tax
Chapter 220 (S 116)
An Act authorizing the Governor and the Attorney General to execute in the name of the Commonwealth a deed conveying unto the Tropigas International Corporation certain unclaimed land in the city of Chesapeake
Chapter 229 (H 109)
An Act to authorize and empower the Marine Resources Commission to grant the Newport News Shipbuilding and Dry Dock Company a certain easement for use of certain subaqueous lands in the James River at Newport News, Virginia
Chapter 230 (H 113)
An Act to authorize the Department of State Police to expend certain appropriations for the purpose of expanding its activities in the enforcement of all laws relating to narcotics and drug abuse
Chapter 233 (H 194)
An Act to provide that certain funds shall be paid by the Division of Aeronautics of the State Corporation Commission; and to provide for certain loans from certain special funds and repayment thereof
Chapter 234 (S 56)
An Act to create a commission to consider and report upon matters involving city-county relationships;
Chapter 237 (S 101)
An Act authorizing the Elizabeth River Tunnel Commission to construct a third vehicular connection
Chapter 242 (H 205)
An Act to appropriate funds to the Department of Taxation
Chapter 243 (H 206)
An Act to provide that certain acts of the 1971 General Assembly not be printed in the Acts of Assembly
Chapter 244 (H 208)
An Act to approrpriate funds to the Virginia Supplemental Retirement System
Chapter 252 (H 202)
An Act to authorize the Commission of Game and Inland Fisheries to exchange, or lease and subsequently exchange certain of its lands in Highland County, and to provide for the disposition of the proceeds of such lease
Chapter 256 (H 213)
An Act to repeal Chapter 28 of the Acts of Assembly of the Special Session of 1956, which authorized a joint school district for the town of Abingdon and the Abingdon magisterial district
Chapter 259 (H 207)
An Act authorizing the Governor to execute in the name of the Commonwealth of Virginia a deed conveying to the United States of America certain lands containing 5415.5 acres, more or less, situate in Alleghany and Bath Counties, Virginia

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