1974 Uncodified Acts Regular Session

1974 Virginia Uncodified Acts

1974 Regular Session

Chapter 50 (S 75)
An Act to authorize the State Highway Commission to convey certain land in Fairfax County to the United States Department of the Interior, National Park Service
Chapter 55 (H 653)
An Act relating to authorization for certain counties to require special stamps to hunt bear and deer
Chapter 78 (H 450)
An Act to exempt medals sold by authority of and on behalf of the Virginia Independence Bicentennial Commission from sales tax
Chapter 104 (H 745)
An Act relating to regulation and open seasons for the hunting and trapping of foxes in the county of Frederick
Chapter 109 (H 1026)
An Act relating to disposition of funds from sale of certain game stamps
Chapter 112 (S 69)
An Act relating to Hampton Roads Sanitation District Commission and Commission membership
Chapter 152 (H 134)
An Act to remove certain areas in Northumberland County from the natural oyster beds, rocks and shoals of the Commonwealth
Chapter 182 (S 160)
An Act relating to the supervision, regulation and control of the milk and cream industry in the Commonwealth
Chapter 221 (H 158)
An Act to authorize the exchange of a State-owned lot and building in the city of Salem for a lot and cash from the city of Salem with the approval of the Board of Conservation and Economic Development and the Governor
Chapter 245 (H 955)
An Act to authorize and empower the Marine Resources Commission to grant to the Norfolk and Western Railway Company a certain easement for use of certain subaqueous lands in the Elizabeth River at Norfolk, Virginia
Chapter 251 (SB 493)
An Act relating to the membership of the Northern Virginia Transportation Commission
Chapter 275 (H 189)
An Act authorizing the Governor to convey certain land in the county of Faquier to that county
Chapter 306 (H 791)
An Act to validate certain tax deeds
Chapter 307 (H 826)
An Act to authorize the issuance of Commonwealth of Virginia Higher Educational Institutions Bonds for paying the cost of acquiring or constructing revenue producing capital projects at institutions of higher learning of the Commonwealth
Chapter 310 (H 331)
An Act to create a commission to study the acquisition of the carrier ship, U.S.S. Yorktown; to provide for its powers and duties; and to appropriate funds
Chapter 316 (S 122)
An Act to revise standards of quality for the several school divisions
Chapter 357 (H 500)
An Act to provide General Assembly approval of establishment of the Norfolk State College School of Social Work
Chapter 364 (H 605)
An Act to authorize the Commission of Game and Inland Fisheries to exchange certain tracts of land with the U.S. Government
Chapter 383 (S 314)
An Act to establish a fourth Virginia Metropolitan Areas Transportation Study Commission; and to appropriate funds therefor
Chapter 384 (S 319)
An Act to provide for the joint designation of the Virginia Beach-Norfolk Expressway as the Virginia Beach-Norfolk Expressway and as the Robert F. Baldwin Memorial Highway
Chapter 395 (S 517)
An Act to empower the Governor to authorize certain local governing bodies to provide for pilot projects for the integration of the delivery of human services under present laws and the administration of such an integrated program
Chapter 396 (S 522)
An Act to authorize the Governor to execute, in the name of the Commonwealth, a deed conveying unto the United States of America certain submerged and formerly submerged lands in the Elizabeth River at Sewells Point in Norfolk, Virginia
Chapter 408 (H 927)
An Act relating to how trust of certain lands to be administered for the benefit of the poor in Lower Chuckatuck and Sleepy Hole boroughs of the city of Suffolk
Chapter 439 (S 381)
An Act relating to the establishment of county police pension and retirement systems
Chapter 451 (S 30)
An Act directing the Commission to Study and Advise upon the Disposal of Solid Wastes to study and report on the issues contained in Senate Bills Nos. 30 and 174 of the 1974 Session of the General Assembly
Chapter 487 (H 758)
An Act to authorize certain units of local government to impose additional license fees on certain motor vehicles
Chapter 520 (HB 472)
An Act to continue the Virginia Housing Study Commission, provide for its membership, delineate its power and duties, and appropriate funds
Chapter 539 (H 26)
An Act relating to the creation of a commission to study city-count relationships and appropriating funds
Chapter 549 (S 513)
An Act directing the Governor to authorize the Board of Agriculture and Commerce to acquire certain lands for a new animal disease diagnostic and regulatory laboratory and make plans for the replacement of the present facility
Chapter 563 (S 109)
An Act relating to the creation of a commission on State governmental management
Chapter 576 (S 315)
An Act authorizing the establishment of Metro Transit Police Force
Chapter 609 (H 196)
An Act to authorize the county of Henrico to hold a general district court and a juvenile and domestic relations district court within one-half mile from the present location of its county seat
Chapter 633 (H 379)
An Act to permit chief law enforcement officers of counties, cities or towns to assist law enforcement officers of adjoining counties or cities or towns in adjoining counties in case of emergency
Chapter 637 (H 602)
An Act to authorize the Commission of Game and Inland Fisheries, with the approval of the Governor, to exchange certain tracts of land in Augusta County owned by the Commonwealth for lands owned by Kathleen K. Colvin
Chapter 653 (H 792)
An Act authorizing the Adjutant General to convey certain real estate owned by the Commonwealth in the city of Hopewell to the City of Hopewell
Chapter 669 (H 994)
An Act to provide that completion of work by an idependent contractor and acceptance of such work as satisfactory by the owner of the property or person employing such contractor shall not be a defense to such contractor in actions for damages
Chapter 677 (H 1038)
An Act authorizing the Governor to lease two parcels of real estate owned by the Commonwealth to the city of Virginia Beach

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