1981 Uncodified Acts Regular and Special Session

1981 Virginia Uncodified Acts

1981 Regular Session

Chapter 11 (H 1077)
An Act to provide for certain primary elections in September, nineteen hundred eighty-one
Chapter 29 (H 1174)
An Act authorizing the Governor to convey certain real estate in the city of Norfolk to the Norfolk Boat Club
Chapter 43 (H 835)
An Act to authorize a police department for Nottoway County
Chapter 45 (H 1395)
An Act relating to the taking of certain fish in certain counties by use of trotlines or laylines; what bait may be used
Chapter 133 (H 1161)
An Act to authorize the governing body of the town of Crewe to call for a vote in the town on adoption of an ordinance to prohibit dogs from running at large or to require their confinement
Chapter 136 (H 1447)
An Act to authorize, validate, and confirm the legality of television transmission and relay facilities in certain counties
Chapter 140 (S 688)
An Act authorizing the Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services to establish a horse breeder incentive program
Chapter 210 (S 709)
An Act relating to commissioners of authorities for industrial development and signature on bonds
Chapter 227 (HB 1308)
An Act relating to the membership of the Northern Virginia Transportation Commission
Chapter 446 (H 1735)
An Act providing for costs and attorney fees in certain cases
Chapter 470 (H 715)
An Act to authorize Norfolk State University, at Norfolk, to accept the loan of certain federal funds and specifying the uses therefor
Chapter 481 (H 1171)
An Act to authorize the issuance of Commonwealth of Virginia Higher Educational Institutions Bonds for paying the cost of acquiring, constructing and equipping revenue producing capital projects at institutions of higher learning of the Commonwealth
Chapter 493 (H 1452)
An Act establishing a moratorium on the issuance of certain certificates-of-need for nursing homes and requiring a report from the Commissioner of Health
Chapter 515 (S 602)
An Act to authorize the school boards of Arlington and Falls Church to provide certain programs outside regular school hours
Chapter 532 (H 1579)
An Act relating to the Richard Bennett Trust
Chapter 553 (S 751)
An Act relating to the standards of quality for the several school divisions
Chapter 595 (H 1767)
An Act relating to the police retirement system in certain counties

1981 Special Session I

Chapter 11 (H 8)
An Act to amend and reenact Chapter 470 of the Acts of Assembly of 1981 which authorized Norfolk State University to accept a loan from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development; appropriations

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