1985 Uncodified Acts Regular Session

1985 Virginia Uncodified Acts

1985 Regular Session

Chapter 16 (HB 1363)
An Act relating to hunting with certain firearms
Chapter 46 (S 479)
An Act authorizing the Governor to convey certain property to the Town of Wachapreague, Accomack County, Virginia
Chapter 76 (1161)
An Act relating to the ex officio treasurer of the Alexandria Historical Restoration and Preservation Commission
Chapter 117 (H 1025)
An Act relating to appointment of Commissioners of the Capital Region Airport Commission
Chapter 118 (H 1107)
An Act granting the approval of the General Assembly of Virginia to the admissino of the State of Oklahoma into the Southern Regional Education Compact
Chapter 122 (H 1289)
An Act authorizing the Governor to lease certain real estate to the United States
Chapter 126 (H 1407)
An Act exempting property of Central Virginia ETV Corporation from taxation
Chapter 135 (S 106)
An Act authorizing the Governor to reconvey certain property previously donated to the Southwestern Virginia Training Center
Chapter 147 (S 557)
An Act to authorize the Governor to convey certain property to the County of Wythe, Virginia
Chapter 163 (H 1031)
An Act relating to the termination of the retail sale of wine by the state government
Chapter 178 (H 1141)
An Act to authorize the issuance of Commonwealth of Virginia Higher Educational Institutions Bonds for paying the cost of acquiring, constructing, and equipping revenue-producing capital projects at institutions of higher learning of the Commonwealth
Chapter 239 (H 1592)
An Act authorizing the Governor to convey certain property to the Town of Marion, Smyth County, Virginia
Chapter 329 (H 1581)
An Act relating to hunting with certain rifles in King and Queen County
Chapter 340 (H 1689)
An Act to establish a Southwest Virginia Economic Development Commission for the purpose of a study and a report
Chapter 383 (H 1199)
An Act to authorize the governing body of Clarke County to regulate grouting and casing of wells for water
Chapter 410 (H 1179)
An Act to authorize the State Treasurer to sell securities
Chapter 413 (H 1779)
An Act to award a service revolver and attache case to Colonel Denny Meade Slane
Chapter 503 (H 1514)
An Act relating to advisory referenda on zoning in Gloucester County
Chapter 504 (HB 1535)
An Act to designate a portion of United States Route 58 as part of the arterial network of highways
Chapter 534 (S 724)
An Act directing the Director of the Department of General Services, certain state agencies, and the various school divisions to take certain actions regarding the removal of asbestos in state buildings and public schools
Chapter 539 (HB 1202)
An Act to amend and reenact the second enactment of Chapter 646 of the 1978 Acts of Assembly so as to extend the expiration date of the coal road improvement tax.
Chapter 611 (H 1396)
An Act to authorize the Governor to convey certain submerged lands to the Peninsula Ports Authority of Virginia

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