1988 Uncodified Acts Regular Session

1988 Virginia Uncodified Acts

1988 Regular Session

Chapter 1 (H 246)
An Act to repeal Chapter 486 of the Acts of Assembly of 1987, which chapter provided that municipal elections in certain towns would be held in November
Chapter 18 (H 379)
An Act authorizing the County of Buchanan to use a portion of its local coal and gas road improvement tax for site preparation and road improvements for a state institution
Chapter 28 (H 49)
An Act to allow the Department of Conservation and Historic Resources to dispose of certain properties related to the New River Trail
Chapter 83 (H 545)
An Act to designate portions of U.S. Route 23 and U.S. Route 58 as the "Daniel Boone Heritage Trail"
Chapter 86 (S 59)
An Act relating to admission of certain persons to schools and tuition charges
Chapter 108 (492)
An Act relating to restoration of the original buildings and grounds of the Colonial College of William and Mary
Chapter 111 (S 318)
An Act authorizing the Governor to accept a conveyance of certain property for the purpose of establishing a State Veterans' Home
Chapter 123 (H 880)
An Act to authorize the Board of Visitors of the College of William and Mary to lease a certain parcel of land in Williamsburg to the Board of Directors of the Endowment Association of the College of William and Mary in Virginia, Inc.
Chapter 198 (S 325)
An Act to further define "family day-care homes" and establish rural child-care programs in certain counties
Chapter 202 (H 392)
An Act pertaining to the hunting of deer with rifles or shotguns loaded with slugs in King William County
Chapter 209 (S 145)
An Act relating to the Shenandoah Valley Airport Commission
Chapter 304 (H 320)
An Act to permit certain counties to regulate landfills
Chapter 316 (H 896)
An Act to establish the number and terms of members of the Russell County Board of Public Welfare
Chapter 357 (S 421)
An Act to authorize the Governor to convey certain property lying on the Elizabeth River
Chapter 380 (H 571)
An Act to require the preparation of cost estimates for establishing and maintaining recycling containers at certain state facilities
Chapter 383 (H 726)
An Act to validate certain actions taken pursuant to sanitary district laws
Chapter 386 (H 1098)
An Act providing for the issuance of refunding bonds and clarifying the source of payment of bonds of the Medical College of Hampton Roads
Chapter 398 (S 410)
An Act authorizing the Virginia Alcoholic Beverage Control Board to lease certain state property to a private entity
Chapter 423 (H 502)
An Act to authorize the issuance of Commonwealth of Virginia Higher Educational Institutions Bonds for paying the costs of acquiring, constructing and equipping revenue-producing capital projects at institutions of higher learning
Chapter 570 (S 230)
An Act to validate certain legal notices published in the Herndon Times
Chapter 590 (H 572)
An Act to permit local jurisdictions to develop recycling plants
Chapter 606 (H 1029)
An Act relating to the Commission to study a certain boundary between Virginia and West Virginia; appropriation
Chapter 650 (S 401)
An Act authorizing the Department of Transportation to convey land to a private party for the purpose of highway construction
Chapter 653 (S 438)
An Act to authorize the issuance of Commonwealth of Virginia Transportation Contract Revenue Bonds for paying all or a portion of the costs incurred or to be incurred for construction of State Route 28 in Fairfax and Loudoun Counties
Chapter 670 (H 580)
An Act providing for day-care programs outside school hours in certain counties and cities
Chapter 683 (H 867)
An Act to designate a portion of U.S. Route 522 as the "Zachary Taylor Highway
Chapter 717 (H 465)
An Act relating to powers of the Oyster Point Development Corporation
Chapter 816 (H 192)
An Act relating to the operation of the local health department under the county manager plan of government
Chapter 827 (H 477)
An Act establishing eligibility requirements for certain candidates to take the state bar exam
Chapter 863 (H 1014)
An Act regarding the appointment and terms of the Hanover County School Board
Chapter 890 (SB 226)
An Act relating to the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Regulation Compact

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