1991 Uncodified Acts Regular and Special Session

1991 Virginia Uncodified Acts

1991 Regular Session

Chapter 1 (H 182)
An Act to provide for a revised primary and filing schedule for the November 1991 election and to schedule the 1991 primary for September 10, 1991.
Chapter 10 (S 1508)
An Act to provide for a written description of the House of Delegates and Senate districts
Chapter 36 (S 589)
An Act relating to the operation of the local health department in any county having the county manager plan of government
Chapter 52 (H 1831)
An Act to extend the Commission to study a certain part of the boundary between Virginia and West Virginia, appropriation
Chapter 91 (S 509)
An Act to designate the Dulles Toll Road as "The Omer L. Hirst - Adelard L. Brault Expressway" and to designate the bridge on Virginia Route 629 that crosses Terry's Run in Orange County as "The Orange Springs Bridge"
Chapter 129 (H 1382)
An Act to desginate the Interstate Route 95 bridges over the Occoquan River as the Purple Heart Bridge
Chapter 222 (H 1602)
An Act to require the convening of a certain task force by the Secretaries of Education and Health and Human Resources
Chapter 248 (H 2021)
An Act to authorize the Virginia Marine Resources Commission to issue sturgeon research permits
Chapter 295 (H 1696)
An Act relating to school dropout prevention; services; penalties
Chapter 321 (H 1189)
An Act authorizing the Virginia Marine Resources Commission to convey an easement in the bed of the Rapphannock River, including a portion of the Baylor Survey, to Contel of Virginia, Inc., for a fiber optic communications line
Chapter 323 (H 1398)
An Act relating to the Transportation Trust Fund, the Commonwealth Port Fund, the Commonwealth Airport Fund and the Commonwealth Mass Transit Fund
Chapter 325 (H 1490)
An Act to designate the U.S. Route 29 bypass around the Town of Gretna as the Robert C. Vaden Highway
Chapter 326 (H 1619)
An Act to designate a portion of roadway running through Ball's Neck in Northumberland County as a Virginia byway
Chapter 332 (H 1883)
An Act relating to hunting of certain game in Charles City County with certain weapons and prescribing penalties
Chapter 393 (HB 1140)
An Act to amend and reenact the second enactment, as amended, of Chapter 646 of the 1978 Acts of Assembly, so as to extend the expiration date of the coal and gas road improvement tax.
Chapter 394 (H 1193)
An Act incorporating the Town of Glascow in Rockbridge County, the seciton concerning the powers of the Council in relation to the levy and collection of taxes
Chapter 413 (H 1399)
An Act authorizing the Governor to acquire certain property in the City of Richmond by eminent domain for needed uses for the seat of government
Chapter 440 (H 1764)
An Act to provide for the organization of a conference center commission as a political subdivision and public body corporate and politic of the Commonwealth of Virginia; the Hotel Roanoke
Chapter 452 (S 652)
An Act to provide for Virginia's participation in the Potomac River Bridge Towing Compact
Chapter 454 (S 725)
An Act relating to the name and powers of the Medical College of Hampton Roads
Chapter 504 (H 1701)
An Act relating to the New Kent County Game Refuge
Chapter 598 (H 1949)
An Act to provide for the dispensing of controlled substances prescribed by participating licensed physicians in the Chesapeake CHAMPS program to certain patients
Chapter 619 (S 898)
An Act to authorize the issuance of Commonwealth of Virginia Transportation Contract Revenue Bonds, for paying all or a portion of the costs to be incurred or to be incurred for construction of State Route 606 in Loudoun County
Chapter 658 (S 721)
An Act to delay compliance with certain requirements for the operation of sanitary landfills
Chapter 671 (H 1206)
An Act relating to the wearing of uniforms in public schools
Chapter 677 (H 1379)
An Act to authorize the issuance of bonds for paying the costs of acquiring, constructing and equipping revenue-producing capital projects at institutions of higher learning of the Commonwealth
Chapter 707 (H 1832)
An Act to allow employers to maintain procedures for tagging or locking hazardous energy sources as provided under federal OSHA regulations

1991 Special Session I

Chapter 19 (H 3015)
An Act to provide for a revised primary and filing schedule for the November 1991 election and to schedule the 1991 primary for September 10, 1991.

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