1993 Uncodified Acts Regular Session

1993 Virginia Uncodified Acts

1993 Regular Session

Chapter 12 (S 782)
An Act relating to eligibility for in-state tuition charges
Chapter 15 (H 1378)
An Act relating to printed prescription drug forms
Chapter 84 (H 2068)
An Act to designate the Trail of the Lonesome Pine and the Daniel Boone Heritage Trail as Virginia byways
Chapter 107 (H 1219)
An Act to designate U.S. Route 29 as The 29th Infantry Division Memorial Highway
Chapter 141 (H 1720)
An Act to establish and provide for the marking of the boundary line between Loudoun County, Virginia, and Jefferson County, West Virginia; to provide for the effect of this act as to certain rights and certain prosecutions; to provide for the transmission of this act to members of the Congress of the United States; and to extend the Commission studying the boundary
Chapter 173 (H 2025)
An Act to authorize conveyance of an access easement over the Chickahominy Wildlife Management Area
Chapter 185 (S 759)
An Act to authorize the Board of Game and Inland Fisheries to convey certain property adjacent to the Bridle Creek Boat Landing in Grayson County and to accept certain property in exchange
Chapter 232 (H 1748)
An Act providing for a funding formula for the Comprehensive Services Act for At-Risk Youth and Families
Chapter 235 (HB 1794)
An Act relating to shooting with rifles
Chapter 346 (S 673)
An Act relating to the issuance of Commonwealth of Virginia Transportation Contract Revenue Bonds to finance the cost of State Route 234 Bypass in Prince William County from State Route 649 to Interstate 66
Chapter 363 (H 1425)
An Act to designate the Franconia-Springfield Bypass bridge over Interstate Route 95 as the "Veterans of Foreign Wars Bridge"
Chapter 391 (HB 2348)
An Act authorizing the issuance of Commonwealth of Virginia Transportation Revenue Bonds for paying all or a portion of the costs incurred or to be incurred for construction of an adequate, modern, safe, and efficient transportation system in that part of the Commonwealth which compromises the Northern Virginia Transportation District Program
Chapter 457 (S 621)
An Act to provide for advisory referenda in Franklin County, relating to zoning
Chapter 470 (S 766)
An Act to require a report by the Department of State Police with respect to firearms
Chapter 507 (S 551)
An Act to authorize the issuance of bonds for paying the costs of acquiring, constructing and equipping revenue-producing capital projects at institutions of higher learning of the Commonwealth
Chapter 524 (H 1577)
An Act relating to the construction of a power to invade principal by a fiduciary
Chapter 596 (S 603)
An Act to authorize the issuance of bonds for paying all or a portion of the costs incurred or to be incurred for the acquisition, construction, widening, improvement, enlargement and equipping of the George P. Coleman Bridge
Chapter 618 (H 1490)
An Act authorizing the Governor to convey certain improved subaqueous lands in the James River at Newport News, Virginia, to the City of Newport News, Virginia
Chapter 650 (H 1562)
An Act providing for the purchase of creditable service for retirement purposes
Chapter 682 (H 1342)
An Act relating to the formation, powers and duties of the Oyster Point Development Corporation for the City of Newport News
Chapter 704 (H 2350)
An Act relating to medical care facilities certificate of public need
Chapter 707 (S 702)
An Act to authorize cities with populations between 16,100 and 18,000 to amend zoning ordinances concerning amortization of certain nonconforming uses
Chapter 721 (H 2139)
An Act relating to moratorium on the issuance of permits for certain infectious waste incinerators
Chapter 735 (S 639)
An Act to require state agencies to file all regulations and other statements having the force of law, all of which are subject to the Register Act
Chapter 793 (S 979)
An Act realting to the issuance of bonds to finance the cost of roadways and aircraft hangar, maintenance, and operations facilities at international airports
Chapter 795 (S 1036)
An Act to request the Board of Health Professions to study the feasibility of regulation and licensure of marriage and family therapists
Chapter 914 (H 1347)
An Act authorizing the Department of Conservation and Recreation to convey certain property in Pocahontas State Park; accept certain property for the Park
Chapter 931 (H 1710)
An Act to convey certain property of the Commonwealth to the City of Virginia Beach
Chapter 933 (H 1783)
An Act authorizing certain counties to use a portion of their local coal and gas road improvement tax for public primary and secondary education and other governmental purposes if they contribute a matching amount of funds
Chapter 954 (H 2222)
An Act relating to alcoholic beverage licenses
Chapter 964 (S 85)
An Act requiring the Alcoholic Beverage Control Board to report a certain study to the General Assembly

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